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Abbey Clancy: The Wife Of Peter Crouch

Peter Crouch and wife Abbey Clancy

Peter Crouch has been a part of many glorious moments in his career. His breakout season with Queens Park Rangers, rising above Brent Sancho to break the deadlock against Trinidad and Tobago with a brilliant 83rd-minute header in the 2006 World Cup, scoring a perfect hattrick against Arsenal at Anfield, the 30-yard screamer against Manchester City-we could go on and on. But Peter Crouch’s wife, Abbey Clancy, is perhaps the most famous person in their relationship. But who is Peter Crouch married to? Let’s find out.

Who Is Peter Crouch’s Wife? 

Abbey Clancy is the beautiful wife of Peter Crouch. The couple has been sharing their lives as husband and wife since 2011. 

Abbey Clancy is a lingerie and catwalk model in addition to being a television presenter in the United Kingdom. She was the runner-up on the show “Britain’s Next Top Model,” and her hometown is Liverpool. We will talk more about her career in our Abbey Clancy Net Worth article. 

Abbey is the second child of her parents, Karen (née Sullivan) and Geoffrey Thomas Clancy’s four kids. She was born on January 10, 1986. All of Abbey’s siblings were born in Liverpool. During her formative years, she attended St. Mary’s Primary School and St. Julie’s Catholic High School in Woolton, a Liverpool suburb.

Abbey founded the all-girl group Genie Queen in the early days of her career. Andy McCluskey, the legendary Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark frontman, was the band’s manager.

Peter Crouch And Abbey Clancy’s Wedding Day 

Peter Crouch and wife Abbey Clancy on their wedding day

In a later interview, Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch said they considered ignoring a long-standing wedding custom when exchanging their vows on June 30, 2011.

The model and the footballer institutionalised their relationship at the lavish Stapleford Park Hotel in Leicestershire. But, they did not want the bride to take the surname of the groom, which has been a traditional norm in the UK for centuries. The patriarchal tradition of the bride adopting the groom’s surname traces back to the Normans’ introduction of coverture to England. A woman’s identity was “covered” by her husband after marriage, and she became his property.

Peter was thinking about doing the opposite and changing his name to Clancy. As of 2022, only 3% of males in the UK have done so. We don’t have accurate data, but we are pretty sure that ratio was even lower back in 2011. So, it would have been a courageous decision.

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Peter proposed to the Strict Come Dancing Season 11 winner in July 2009 with a stunning pear-shaped diamond ring set in a pave band after the couple met in a club in Liverpool in 2006.

Abbey’s wedding dress, designed by the same designer who designed Pippa Middleton’s dress for her special day, was a corseted, strapless ball gown with a fitted bodice and a tiered fishtail skirt.

To celebrate the 11th anniversary of their wedding, Abbey put on her wedding dress on June 30, 2022, and posted a photo of her on Instagram, captioning, “It still fits.” 

What Makes Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch’s Relationship So Strong? 

Discovering the secret to a long-lasting and happy relationship can be as daunting as Indiana Jones’ search for the Holy Grail. What has kept the magic alive for so long in the Clancy and Crouch household? Abbey says it’s because she hates football! 

Even though she lives under the same roof as a man who earned his bread and butter playing football and proudly represented his country in international football competitions, Abbey is not interested in the game. In a 2021 interview with the Mirror, she revealed that she sometimes would forget that Peter had a game and wondered why he wasn’t answering her phone calls. Peter agreed that the absence of football in their personal lives allowed him to unwind after a stressful day on the pitch and enjoy proper family time. 

How Abbey Clancey and Peter Crouch Met

Abbey Clancey and Peter Crouch met for the first time in 2006 at a Liverpool pub. 

The couple started dating in 2006 when they first met for the first time in 2006 at a pub in Liverpool for the first time. Abbey later revealed that she had fallen in love with the Reds striker the first time she met him. Peter said he did not feel he could convince Abbey to date him, but the supermodel proved him wrong and handed him her number. 

However, it was a challenging ride from there on. They broke up a few months later as Peter claimed Abbey lost her cool when he spoke with other women. Abbey’s sense of insecurity drove a wedge between them, but it was only a momentary setback. They reconciled soon, and the couple announced their engagement three years after their breakup.

Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch’s Children 

Abbey Clancy & her children (peter crouch's wife)

Abbey Clancey and Peter Crouch have four children together. 

Peter joked in the summer of 2021 that he and Abbey would not have any more children because they already had four, so they decided not to extend their family. In October 2021, Abbey Clancy claimed that her husband sleeps on the floor since three of their four children frequently share her bed. The family has four children: Sophia, Liberty, Johnny, and Jack, who were 10, 6, 3, and 2, respectively, at that time. 

In March 2021, Abbey shared some sweet photos of her three eldest children, Sophia, Liberty, and Jonny, on Instagram as part of their debut F&F kidswear campaign. Abbey and Peter rarely share photos of their children on social media. 

Abbey was bustling in pride when she announced that her eldest daughter Sophia had excelled in athletic achievements, just like her dad. The ex-winner of Britain’s Next Top Model winner sent a celebratory message on her Instagram Stories as Abbey surpassed other contestants in a swimming competition. Abbey could be heard in the background of the videos she uploaded to her followers, yelling, “Come on, Sophia!” as she raced towards victory. 

Eight-year-old Sophia is a talented swimmer who debuted as a model for LIPSY in 2019, wearing her own clothing line, as seen on Abbey’s Instagram.

Abbey’s younger children, Liberty and Johnny, are also following in their mother’s footsteps as models after appearing in a commercial for F&F in 2021 with their sister. Recently, Abbey was seen modelling alongside her gorgeous daughter Liberty for a new project with the home furnishings company Andrew Martin.

Final Words 

Abbey Clancy is one of the rare wags who are even bigger of a celebrity than their footballer husbands and partners. Abby Clancy is still one of the biggest names in the British modelling industry, and newcomers idolise her. She is also lucky to have a wonderful family life with four beautiful children and a supporting husband. 

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