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Alex Gerrard’s House

Alex Gerrard House Liverpool

Alex Gerrard, formally known as Alex Curran, is Steven Gerrard’s wife, the Liverpool and England superstar legend. 

In this article, we will step into their lives and explore how the family of a premier league football wag lives as we tour their luxurious home. 

Like all homes, it’s a place where people can rest, spend time with family, and cherish many happy memories together. Alex Gerrard’s house supersedes all expectations for what you would expect a footballer’s wag to live in.

Alex Gerrard’s Liverpool House

Together with their four children, they mainly reside in their beautiful home on the outskirts of Liverpool. A £3 million estate similar to Buckingham Palace, located in Formby, Merseyside, Liverpool. 

Alex Gerrard’s House represents timeless beauty and refined elegance. 

Alex Gerrard's House Interior

Every aspect of this luxurious abode, from its warmful interiors to its stunning surroundings, speaks volumes about the couple’s impeccable style and dedication to creating a sanctuary of comfort and sophistication. 

Like most wives of professional athletes, the luxury life shines through in their taste of estate. Showcasing a snooker room, indoor heated pool, private grounds surrounding the estate, and a vast back garden area to enjoy quality family time in the summer month. 

The Gerrard family’s home remains an iconic landmark in the world of luxury living as they continue to make memories within its walls, a place fit for a queen to live.

Alex Gerrard’s House In LA

During Steven Gerrard’s final days in his footballing career, he moved to LA Galaxy for his last professional career in the sport, from 2015 to 2016.

Alex Gerrard's LA Mansion

During this time, Alex Gerrard and her four children moved to LA to see out his career in the States. As part of the 18-month contract with the club, they arranged a £16 million mansion in the heart of LA.

Home is where the heart is when they moved back to their home city of Liverpool as Steven retired from his playing career in the sport after seeing out his contract with LA Galaxy.

Alex Gerrard’s House In Scotland

Alex and her family moved to Scotland during Steven Gerrard’s stint as Rangers football manager. From 2018 to 2021, they moved to a luxury home north of Britain.

Despite her husband’s successful career as Rangers manager, this was to see them move back to the UK in 2021, where he would manage Aston Villa and their move to Birmingham.

House For Sale

Rumours have it that they are looking to sell their mansion on the outskirts of Liverpool—a sourced link describing their 5-bedroom, 5-bathroom estate for sale for £3.3 million.

However, after further investigation, this was fabricated information, as their Liverpool estate is in Formby and not Blundell Sands.

No reliable information backs up whether they have sold or still own their property in Merseyside. 

Where Is Alex Gerrard Currently Living?

Following Stevens’s successful career in Scotland as Rangers manager, Alex and her family moved back to England. This time further south of Liverpool to Birmingham due to work commitments to Aston Villa football club.

Alex Gerrard's House in Birmingham

However, in 2022, her husband Steven’s career as head coach was to end. We have no information on whether her family still resides in Birmingham or Formby, Liverpool, where their friends and family live.

It would be a safe bet to predict that Alex Gerrard and her family have moved back to their main estate just outside of Liverpool, whilst Steven has fewer commitments work-wise, and they use their Formby home as their primary location. 

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