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Amine Gulse: Mesut Ozil’s Wife

Mesut Ozil and wife, Amine Gulse

Amine Gulse is former Real Madrid and Arsenal star Mesut Ozil’s beautiful wife. The former Miss Turkey is not only a stunning blue-eyed brunette, but she is also a highly talented person. She is a superstar in the Turkish soap opera industry. She is also an entrepreneur and can fluently communicate in Turkish, English, Spanish, and Swedish. 

Who Is Mesut Ozil’s Wife? 

Amine Gulse, also known as Amine Gülşe Özil, is Mesut Ozil’s wife. They got married in 2019, with none other than the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan officiating their wedding. 

Amine Gulse and Mesut Ozil tied the knot at the iconic Four Seasons Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey. The venue has a sweeping view of the Bosphorus. Ozil and his wife were criticised by Angela Merkel’s Chief of Staff and the German media for inviting Erdogan to their wedding.

At one of the pre-wedding events, the bride wore a white off-the-shoulder dress with a long train and a headpiece with embellishments. She also carried a white bridal bouquet, and the groom wore a bluish-grey checkered suit. Some videos also show a red ribbon around the bride’s waist as she dances with her new husband while their friends and family play the drums and other instruments in the background.

Sweden-born Amine looked beautiful with her crown on during the wedding ceremony, and Mesut Ozil made some strange dance moves. A dancer and Turkish drums were part of the ceremony. Amine stole the show with her stunning wedding dress and gorgeous golden crown.

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Mesut Ozil announced on social media afterwards that the newlywed would bear the cost of 1000 children’s surgeries as a mark of their holy union. He also endorsed the German charity BigShoe, which works to provide medical help to disadvantaged children in need. The Turkish Red Crescent Society also revealed that Ozil had given the organisation a large donation before the wedding to provide food for 16,000 people in the war-affected Syria-Turkey border regions. 

Amine Guelse: Early Life 

Amine Gulse

The former Miss Turkey was born on 30 April 1993 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Amine’s Turkish lineage comes from her mother, who is an Izmir, a city that lies in the Aegean region of Turkey, native. Her father, on the other hand, is an Iraqi. Amine grew up with her brother Sahan Gulse in Gothenburg. After turning 18, she moved to Turkey and started her career in the Turkish entertainment industry. 

What Is Amine Gulse’s Religion?

Amine Gulse is a Christian. 

Turkey is a Muslim-majority nation, and Amine’s husband is a practising Muslim. But, Amine herself is a Christian. Like Leonita Lekaj and Granit Xhaka, differences in their religious beliefs did not hamper Ozil and Amine’s relationship. 

Amine Gulse’s Career 

Amine Gulse stepped into the limelight after winning the Miss Turkey cron in 2014. She received a lot of modelling and acting offers afterwards. Her starring role in the Turkish TV series’ Asla Vazgeçmem’ boosted her popularity even more. Amine Gulse became a familiar face on the pages of Turkish fashion magazines. Top Turkish brands like Deichmann Turkiye and XGTN cosmetics have chosen Amine Gulse as the face of their products. “Medeczir” and “Ikisinide Sevdim” are some of her other most prominent acting roles.

Amine wanted to be an air hostess when she was young. But fate had better things in store for her. She should be happy that she became someone much better than she had hoped.

Amine Gulse Body 

Amine Gulse has a height of around 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm) and a weight of about 58 kilograms (about 128 lb). We are still determining dress and shoe size, though.

Amine’s toned body, wide cheekbones, a tattoo on her left wrist, and pierced ears are some of her distinctive attributes and play a big part in her overall appearance. She has emerald-like green eyes and luxurious dark brown hair. 

Also, this model has stayed in great shape and in good health. 

This beautiful girl goes to the gym daily and eats healthy food to stay in shape. Her body measurements are perfect for a bikini body.

Amine Gulse Net Worth 

According to our estimations, Amine Gulse will have a net worth of £11 million in 2023. 

Amine Gulse made her wealth primarily from her modelling and acting career. She also has several business ventures with her husband, Mesut Ozil. In 2019, Amine and Ozil became equity owners of London-based Citizen Cosmetics Limited. She is also heavily involved in Mesut Ozil’s restaurant chain. 

Mesut Ozil Children 

Mesut Ozil and Amine Gulse have a daughter together named Eda. 

Mesut Ozil posted the first picture of his daughter, Eda, on Instagram on 30 March 2020, about a month after her birth. The then-Arsenal midfielder posted a beautiful, touching black-and-white photo to his Instagram account. In it, he is holding his baby girl and kissing the forehead of his wife, Amine Gulse.

Ozil and Gulse were in lockdown because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and they were happy that their first child, Eda, was “born healthy.”

During Gulse’s pregnancy, there were times when she was scared because she was three months along when Ozil and another Arsenal player broke up with her.

Final Words 

Amine Gulse is an elegant beauty who has taken the Turkish media by storm with her excellent acting skills and breathtaking beauty. She is almost as famous in Turkey as her footballer husband, Mesut Ozil.

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