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Amra Silajdzic: The Wife of Eden Dzeko

Eden Dzeko's wife - Amra Silajdzic

Edin Dzeko is undoubtedly one of the most underrated players of this generation. His journey through the world of football has been nothing short of remarkable. Having made his mark while playing for Manchester City, his contributions to the club have left an indelible imprint on the hearts of the fans.

While Edin Dzeko’s professional achievements have been widely acknowledged, it’s also worth mentioning his personal life, particularly his marital status. He is happily married to Amra Silajdzic, adding a touch of romance to his otherwise adrenaline-fueled life on the pitch. Amra Silajdzic, now Eden Dzeko’s wife, is a Bosnian actress and model known for her beauty and talent and one of the hottest football WAGs.

The couple’s journey together has been a testament to the power of companionship and support in the life of a professional athlete. During his career and various clubs, Amra’s presence has undoubtedly played a role in his successes on and off the field.

Their story balances the demanding nature of a football career and the warmth of personal relationships. Edin Dzeko’s legacy is not only defined by his goals and assists but also by the love and bond he shares with his wife, Amra Silajdzic.

Who is Eden Dzeko’s Wife?

Amra Silajdzic was born on October 1, 1984, in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Amra Silajdzic-Dzeko initiated her modelling career in her homeland before advancing to Milan, Italy. There, her grace and charm captured the industry’s spotlight for several prolific years, solidifying her presence in the fashion world and demonstrating her adaptability and determination.

How did Eden Dzeko & Amra Silajdzic Meet?

Eden & Amra met in Milan, Italy, during Edin Dzeko’s tenure with A.S. Roma. The duo’s journey commenced in 2011, and their bond has remained unbreakable ever since.


Eden Dzeko with wife Amra Silajdzic and family

Edin Dzeko and Amra Silajdzic-Dzeko, who have been together since 2011, are parents to three children: Una, aged 7, Dani, aged 5, and Dalia, aged 2. In January, their family welcomed a new addition, a baby girl named Hana. 

Beyond the football field, Dzeko’s nurturing side shines through on his Instagram account, where he frequently shares heartwarming snapshots of his children, offering glimpses into their family life. This window into their personal life showcases Dzeko’s dedication not only as a football icon but also as a devoted family man.

Amra Silajdzic’s Career

Amra kickstarted her path at just 16, triumphing in the renowned French contest Metropolitan Top Model. Building on that success, she was crowned Miss Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2010, propelling her journey to new heights.

Amra Silajdzic-Dzeko’s career extends beyond modelling, as she has delved into acting across Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, and Turkey.

Her acting debut was in the 2011 film “Sedam i po” (Seven and a Half), directed by her husband Edin Dzeko’s cousin, Miroslav Dzeko. She’s graced Turkish TV series such as “Kizlarim Icin” (For My Daughters) and “Paramparca” (Broken Pieces).

Her philanthropic dedication is notable, marked by roles in charitable organizations like the Bosnian charity “Heart for Children with Cancer” and fundraising for Sarajevo’s new pediatric hospital.

Beyond the abovementioned points, she also showcases entrepreneurial flair through her fashion line “Amra & Elma” established in 2014. This brand offers a variety of clothing and accessories, earning features in fashion magazines and blogs.


In conclusion, Amra Silajdzic-Dzeko’s multifaceted career mirrors her versatility and determination, from winning the Metropolitan Top Model contest at 16 to gracing screens in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, and Turkey. 

A notable ambassador for “Heart for Children with Cancer,” Amra’s involvement in charitable causes further enriches her journey. Her entrepreneurial flair is evident in her fashion line “Amra & Elma,” a testament to her creativity and ambition.

Together, Edin Dzeko and Amra Silajdzic-Dzeko’s narrative embodies the harmonious blend of sporting success, family devotion, and personal growth. Their story serves as a reminder that behind every accomplishment, a human connection adds depth and meaning to a remarkable journey.

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