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Ann-Kathrin Brommel: Mario Gotze’s Wife

Mario Gotze and wife Ann-Kathrin Brommel at the beach

Mario Gotze was on top of the world when he scored the decisive goal for Germany in the 2014 World Cup final. But his career trajectory did not reflect his expectations following that iconic night at the Maracana. But he did not have to suffer the hardship alone. Mario Gotze’s wife, Ann-Kathrin Brommel, was by her husband’s side throughout his struggles. She is not only a caring partner, but she also is one of the hottest wags on the planet. 

Who Is Mario Gotze’s Wife? 

Ann-Kathrin Gotze is Mario Gotze’s wife. They got married in 2018. 

She was born as Ann-Kathrin Brommel on December 6, 1989, in Emmerich am Rhein. The two brothers of Brommel are Sebastian and Nils. As a young girl, she studied music, ballet, and singing before starting her modelling career at age 16.

Under the stage name Trina B, Brommel released the song “This Is Me” in 2010 before following it up with “Body Language” in 2011.

She took part in Germany’s Next Top Model’s sixth season the following year and finished in the top 50.

Ann-Kathrin Brommel: At A Glance

  • Birthday: December 6, 1989. 
  • Hometown: Emmerich em Rhein, Germany. 
  • Occupation: Model, Singer. 
  • Height: 5 feet 9 inches 
  • Weight: 123 lbs 
  • Body Measurements: 29-24-33 inches 

How Did Ann-Kathrin Brommel Meet Mario Gotze? 

Ann-Kathrin Brommel, the wife of football player Mario Gotze

Ann-Kathrin Brommel met Mario Gotze through mutual friends in 2012. 

Ann was asked how she met her for the first time during a live Instagram Q&A session in 2020. The former German’s Next Top Model contestant revealed that she met Gotze in 2012 when they had dinner with some mutual friends. 

Ann-Kathrin Brommel & Justin Bieber 

If you google Ann-Kathrin, you might see “Ann-Kathrin Justin Bieber” in the related search section. This might make you think that Ann-Kathrin Brommel was romantically linked with Justin Bieber at some point. Let’s clear up that confusion; she wasn’t! 

Ann-Kathrin is a Justin Biber fan account on Twitter. The Twitter profile shares posts related to Justin Bieber regularly. That’s why you see “Ann-Kathrin Justin Bieber” on search suggestions. It has nothing to do with Mario Gotze’s beautiful wife. She is loyal to her husband. 

Ann-Kathrin Brommel & Mario Gotze’s Wedding

In 2014, Ann-Kathrin Brommel said that she would love to get married to Mario Gotze. Two years later, Gotze did pop the question, and she gleefully said “Yes”. The duo first got married in a private ceremony in Dusseldorf in 2018. The couple held a gala at the scenic Son Marroig estate in Mallorca a year later. 

Why Mallorca? Ann later disclosed that Mario Gotze proposed to her during a summer vacation in Mallorca. Also, Ann’s parents have lived permanently in the scenic Mediterranean islands for years. So, they did not consider any other location to hold their wedding. 

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Ann’s wedding dress was designed by an Israeli designer, Berta. What’s the story there? Ann went to Los Angeles in 2018 for a modelling gig. She immediately saw the dress at a bridal fashion show and fell in love with it. Her subconscious mind told her to wait, but she bought the dress anyway. 

Gotze’s Germany and Bayern Munich colleague Manuel Neuer attended the wedding with his wife, Nina. The couple danced with the newlyweds through the night. Andre Schurrle was also in attendance. 

Ann-Kathrin Brommel and Mario Gotze’s Children 

Ann-Kathrin Brommel and Mario Gotze have a son together named Rome Gotze. 

Ann and Mario dated for six years before getting married. But they did not take a child before their marriage. In 2019, Ann said they would get a baby when they felt the time was right. The following year, the Gotzes welcomed their baby boy Rome to the family. 

Final Words 

Ann-Kathrin Brommel has been by her husband’s side in his best and worst times. We would all love to find a life partner like her. 

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