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Aurah Ruiz: Jese Rodriguez’s Wife

Jese Rodriguez and wife Aurah Ruiz

Jese Rodriguez has had a strange career trajectory. He was once dubbed the next big thing at Real Madrid. Some even dared to call him the “Next Ronaldo.” But things did not go well at Real Madrid, and eventually, he found himself playing Spanish second-division football.

His love life is even weirder. Jese has been in an on-again-off-again relationship with Aurah Ruiz. Now, she is Jese Rodriguez’s wife. This has to be the craziest, hottest football wags story you will ever read, as it has everything from cheating to courtroom battles. 

Who Is Jese Rodriguez’s Wife? 

Aurah Ruiz is Jese Rodriguez’s wife. They got married in July 2022. 

Ruiz is a Canary Islands native like her husband. She was born to Christian parents in 1989. To this day, she is a strong believer in the religion. Ruiz moved to Madrid at an early age. She moved to the Spanish capital because she wanted to become a model. 

Because of her incredible figure, Aurah drew significant interest from the lingerie industry. Now, she is one of the hottest lingerie models in Spain. 

Aurah Ruiz At A Glance 

  • Birthday: November 21, 1989 
  • Hometown: Canary Islands, Spain. 
  • Occupation: Model, TV Personality 
  • Height: 5 feet 7 inches 
  • Weight: 128 lbs 
  • Body Measurements: Unknown (Gone Through Multiple Surgeries) 
  • Net Worth: £700,000
  • Social Media: Instagram / TikTok Twitter

How Did Jese Rodrigues And Aurah Ruiz Meet? 

Jese Rodrigues and his gorgeous wife, Aurah Ruiz

The couple did not disclose how and when they had met. Jese’s Real Madrid career was not going anywhere, but he kept on making the headlines for non-football reasons. He had already built a party animal reputation. Jese also became a father multiple times but was not ready to take responsibility. He found out about his second child on Instagram! 

Aurah Ruiz came into the limelight as Jese Rodriguez’s girlfriend in 2016 when Jese was unveiled as a Paris Saint-Germain player. The move barely made any sense for the Parisians, and a few years later, the Ligue 1 giants got desperate to get him off their books. 

But photographers were more than happy to get some snaps of the sizzling Aurah Ruiz in the unveiling ceremony. The French do have exquisite taste in women, don’t they? 

Jese Rodriguez & Aurah Ruiz Legal Troubles 

Jese failed to get his career back on track in Paris, and a few more loan moves to England followed. The couple split in 2018 as Ruiz accused Jese of cheating and not supporting their ill son. Jese and Ruiz had a son in 2017, who was born prematurely. He needed special medical attention, and in January 2018, Ruiz publicly claimed that Jese was neglecting his duties as a father. 

Aurah Ruiz took the matter to court. But Ruiz’s accusations of Jese being an irresponsible parent did not hold ground when she signed up for Celebrity Big Brother. She did not bother to enter a reality TV show when her son was sick, and there was a legal battle waging between her and her ex-boyfriend. 

Jese also took legal action to get custody of their son, Nyan. But he lost the case. To exact revenge, he spent €5000 to buy text message votes against Ruiz so she gets kicked out of Big Brother. It worked, and she got evicted from the Big Brother house. 

Aurah Ruiz also lost the case she filed against Jese. However, Jese and Ruiz were seen kissing and holding hands outside the courtyard after the verdict. Water under the bridge? Not yet! 

Jese Rodriguez And Amar Rocio 

After Jese Rodrigeuz and Aurah Ruiz reconciled, they jetted off to Gran Canaria to celebrate their reunion and Ruiz’s 31st birthday, ignoring the covid regulations imposed by PSG. The club was furious and moved to terminate Jese’s contract. But that was not the only predicament Jese had to worry about at that time. 

Two days into their vacation, Ruiz caught Jese having sex with her close friend and fellow model Amar Rocio. She attacked them and trashed the whole place. 

Rocio hit back by sharing audio clips where Jese can be heard saying that Ruiz was a boring and crazy person. She also claimed that she and Jese had been physically involved for a long time. 

Aurah Ruiz then flew back home and got into the reality show La Casa Fuerte to distract herself from the events of Gran Canaria. But a desperate Jese called her there and expressed repentance on air. Did it work? Not immediately. 

Jese Rodriguez’s Car Accident 

The story gets even crazier at this point. Jese signed for Segunda Division club Las Palmas and started to play his best football in years. As he slowly laid the foundation of a remarkable comeback, he got injured in a car accident. 

CCTV footage revealed that Jese was limping off the street after escaping from a car that was trying to run him over. The woman driving the vehicle matched Aurah Ruiz’s profile. Even though both Jese and Ruiz deny that it was her driving the car, many are convinced that Aurah was trying to kill Jese for revenge. 

Jese Rodriguez And Aurah Ruiz Wedding 

In February 2022, Jese posted some photos on Instagram and revealed that he had proposed to Aurah Ruiz in Dubai. The Spanish model said yes and tied the knot in an undisclosed location five months later. MTmad, the Spanish equivalent of Buzzfeed, exclusively shared pictures and videos of the wedding. 

Aurah Ruiz And Jese Rodriguez Children 

Jese Rodriguez and Aurah Ruiz had their first child in 2017. Nyan had some difficult early years following his premature birth, but now, he enjoys a healthy life. The couple is expecting their second child together in 2023. 

Aurah Ruiz’s Net Worth 

Aurah Ruiz’s net worth in 2022 is £700,000. 

Aurah Ruiz is a big name in the Spanish lingerie modelling industry. She has modelled for brands like Balenciaga, Dior and Chanel. Aurah Ruiz has also been featured in several glamour publications. She is also a regular face on Spanish reality TV. 

Social Media 

Aurah Ruiz is very active on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. She has more than 6000 Twitter tweets, with more than 90 thousand followers. Ruiz has a significantly larger follower base on Instagram, where more than 600k people follow her profile. She has garnered three million likes and more than 400k followers on TikTok. 

She does endorsement posts sometimes, but the highlight of her social media content is her swimwear and lingerie pics and videos. She also shares videos of Jese’s goals and assists. Nyan and her pet dogs also appear regularly on her social media. 

Final Words 

In conclusion, Aurah Ruiz’s journey as Jese Rodriguez’s wife has been a tumultuous and unconventional one. Their relationship has weathered numerous challenges, from their initial encounter during Jese’s troubled time at Paris Saint-Germain to facing legal battles and public disputes. 

Despite the controversies and hardships, they found a way back to each other and eventually tied the knot in a private ceremony. Aurah, known for her successful career as a lingerie model and TV personality, has shown resilience and strength throughout their tumultuous love story. 

With their first child overcoming early health struggles and the expectation of welcoming their second child, their journey continues to be filled with unexpected twists. Aurah Ruiz’s role as Jese’s wife has been marked by resilience, forgiveness, and the belief that love can triumph over even the most bizarre circumstances.

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