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Bastian Schweinsteiger’s Perfect Match: Tennis Player Ana Ivanovic, His Beautiful Wife

Bastian Schweinsteiger wife, Iva Ivanovic playing tennis

The love story of Bastian Schweinsteiger and his wife, Ana Ivanovic, began during Brazil’s 2014 FIFA World Cup. Their paths intertwined at a social gathering related to the tournament, sparking a connection that deepened over time. 

Ana, a renowned tennis player, and Bastian, a German football icon, shared a passion for sports. Their relationship flourished through public appearances and social media, culminating in a picturesque wedding in Venice. This enduring love story showcases the power of shared interests and serendipitous moments that led them to a lasting bond.

Who is Bastian Schweinsteiger’s Wife?

Bastian Schweinsteiger’s wife is Ana Ivanovic. Ana Ivanovic and Bastian Schweinsteiger married on July 12, 2016.

Ana Ivanovic stands as one of the hottest football wags, having wed Bayern Munich icon Bastian Schweinsteiger. 

On the other hand, Bastian Schweinsteiger’s legacy is as one of Bayern Munich’s all-time greats, committing the majority of his career to the club until his 2015 transfer to Manchester United, where he spent two wasteful years. 

Remarkably, he clinched the Bundesliga title an impressive eight times with Bayern, a feat attained by only a select few footballers.

How Did Ana Ivanovic and Bastian Schweinsteiger Meet?

Ana Ivanovic and Bastian Schweinsteiger’s love story began during Brazil’s 2014 FIFA World Cup. 

The couple’s paths crossed through mutual connections at a social gathering surrounding the prestigious tournament. The initial encounter sparked an interest, and they developed a strong bond as they spent more time together.

Ana Ivanovic At A Glance:

  • Name: Ana Schweinsteiger (Formaly – Ana Ivanovic)
  • Date of Birth: 06.11.1987
  • Place of Birth: Belgrade, Belgrade
  • Birth Sign: Scorpio
  • Nationality: Serbian
  • Height: 184cm / 6ft
  • Eye Colour: Green
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Husband: Bastian Schweinsteiger

Ana Ivanovic and Bastian Schweinsteiger

Ana Ivanovic, renowned for her tennis prowess, and Bastian Schweinsteiger, a highly accomplished German footballer, found common ground in their shared passion for sports. Their mutual understanding and admiration for each other’s athletic achievements further deepened their connection.

As their relationship progressed, the couple embraced public outings, attending events and sharing glimpses of their personal lives on social media. Fans around the world eagerly followed their journey as they supported each other’s careers and celebrated milestones together.

In December 2015, Ana and Bastian took a significant step forward in their relationship as Schweinsteiger proposed to Ivanovic during a romantic trip to Venice, Italy. The engagement announcement delighted their fans and marked a new chapter in their love story.

Finally, on July 12, 2016, Ana Ivanovic and Bastian Schweinsteiger sealed their love in a picturesque wedding ceremony held in Venice. The event was a joyous celebration attended by family, friends, and notable figures from the world of sports.

Their enduring love story is a testament to the power of shared passions, mutual respect, and the fate that brought them together during that fateful World Cup tournament. Ana Ivanovic and Bastian Schweinsteiger continue to inspire fans worldwide with their love, support, and the beautiful journey they embark upon together.

Ana Ivanovic Adidas Deal

Ana Ivanovic sponsored by Adidas

Ana Ivanovic’s Adidas deal strategically strengthened the brand’s presence in tennis while benefiting both parties. Ivanovic’s talent and on-court achievements made her an ideal ambassador. 

The partnership provided Ivanovic with top-notch sportswear and equipment, enhancing her performance. Simultaneously, Adidas enjoyed increased visibility and credibility through Ivanovic’s endorsement. Her influence extended beyond tennis, showcasing Adidas’ fusion of style and performance. 

The collaboration affirmed Adidas’ commitment to supporting exceptional athletes, solidifying their position in tennis and underlining their dedication to providing athletes with optimal gear. The Adidas deal with Ivanovic remains a significant chapter, leaving a lasting impact in tennis and fashion.

The financial terms of Ana Ivanovic’s endorsement deal with Adidas, including the exact amount she earned, are not publicly disclosed. As such, the specific financial details regarding her earnings from the deal are not publicly available. The terms of endorsement contracts are typically kept confidential between the involved parties.

Childhood & Education

Born in Belgrade, SFR Yugoslavia, Ana Ivanovic’s tennis journey began at age five, inspired by watching Monica Seles on TV. She kickstarted her career after memorizing a local tennis coach’s number from an advertisement. Despite the challenges of NATO bombings, she trained early to avoid attacks, fueled by an unwavering passion for the sport.

Facing winter in an abandoned pool, at 13, she moved to Basel, Switzerland, seeking better facilities. With an agreement with Swiss entrepreneur Dan Holzmann, Ana and her mother relocated. At 15, a defeat left her in tears for hours, as observed by Holzmann. Though tempted to give up, he decided to give her a second chance. That choice proved pivotal as Ana rose to World No. 1, with Holzmann guiding her throughout her career.

Ana Ivanovic’s talents extend beyond beauty and sports; she’s also passionate about intellectual challenges. After high school, she excelled in university, maintaining a top position in her class. While her focus was finance, her interests span psychology and modern art. She admires artists like Mark Rothko and Helmut Newton.

Ana Ivanovic, Tennis Player Accolades 

Ana Ivanovic had an illustrious career and achieved numerous accolades throughout her time on the court. Here are some of her notable accomplishments:

– Grand Slam Singles Title: Ana Ivanovic won the French Open in 2008, which was her first and only Grand Slam singles title—defeating Dinara Safina in the final to claim the championship.

– WTA Tour Championships: Ivanovic reached the final of the WTA Tour Championships in 2007, finishing as the runner-up.

– World No. 1 Ranking: In June 2008, Ivanovic reached the top spot in the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) singles rankings. She held the world No. 1 ranking for a total of 12 weeks.

– Fed Cup Success: Ivanovic represented Serbia in the Fed Cup, an international team competition, and played a crucial role in helping her team reach the semifinals in 2012.

– Multiple WTA Titles: Throughout her career, Ivanovic secured 15 WTA singles titles, including victories at events such as the Indian Wells Masters, the Rogers Cup, and the Qatar Ladies Open.

– Olympic Games Participation: Ivanovic represented Serbia in the Olympic Games, competing in both the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2012 London Olympics.

These are just a few highlights of Ana Ivanovic’s remarkable career. Her accomplishments on the tennis court established her as one of the prominent figures in the sport and left a lasting impact on the tennis world.

Ana Ivanovic Tennis Career

Ana Ivanovic made her mark in tennis, winning 15 WTA Tour singles titles, including the 2008 French Open, and amassing over $15.5 million in prize money, placing her 25th on the all-time earnings list. Her legacy was recognized in 2011 when Time listed her among the “30 Legends of Women’s Tennis” and in the “Top 100 Greatest Players Ever” list by Matthew Cronin.

Beginning her professional journey on August 17, 2003, Ivanovic’s determination shone through. Despite an early loss at Junior Wimbledon, she rebounded with a 26-0 record on the ITF Women’s Circuit, securing victories in all five events, including two as a qualifier. Her breakout came at the 2004 Zurich Open, although she faced a challenging defeat against Venus Williams.

Even at just 18 years old, Ivanovic claimed victories over formidable players like Kuznetsova, Petrova, Zvonareva, and Mauresmo. After her 2008 French Open win, her career experienced ups and downs. Despite initial popularity, she faced a series of minor setbacks, playing 17 Grand Slam tournaments without a quarterfinal and dropping to No. 65 in the rankings by July 2010.

In 2012 Ana achieved her first Grand Slam quarterfinal after her French Open win, making it to the US Open quarterfinals. This marked her accomplishment of reaching the quarterfinals in all four major tournaments and securing a top 15 year-end ranking, a level she hadn’t attained since 2008.

A resurgence emerged in 2014 with victories in the Auckland Open and the Monterrey Open, among others. These triumphs marked a turning point, including her comeback to the WTA Tour Championship and achieving a year-end No. 5 ranking. The following year, she reached the French Open semifinals after seven years.

However, by 2016, she faced challenges, winning only 15 matches and exiting the US Open early. In December 2016, she announced her retirement due to struggling with injuries and performance standards. Known for her aggressive playstyle and impressive forehand, her career also saw setbacks, potentially linked to confidence issues and personal challenges.


In conclusion, the enchanting love story of Bastian Schweinsteiger and Ana Ivanovic ignited during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Their mutual appreciation for sports, amplified by Ana’s tennis excellence and Bastian’s football renown, solidified their connection.

Flourishing through public appearances and social media, their journey culminated in a picturesque Venice wedding. Ana, a captivating presence in the tennis sphere, discovered love with Bayern Munich legend Bastian Schweinsteiger.

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