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Edurne Garcia: David de Gea’s Wife

David de Gea and wife Edurne Garcia

Edurne Garcia is a famous Spanish musician and actress, but perhaps you know her better as Manchester United shot-stopper David de Gea’s wife. She is five years older than her husband, but that never influenced their relationship in any negative way. Know more about David de Gea’s better half by staying with us for the rest of the article. 

Who’s David De Gea’s Wife?

Edurne Garcia is David de Gea’s wife. Well, at least that’s what both her and David de Gea’s Wikipedia page and numerous other outlets claim. 

However, there’s some misinformation circling the internet regarding their marriage. Some sources report that De Gea and Edurne have been married since 2010, but we can assure you that it’s not true. They have been partners since 2010 but did not move in together until 2018

In 2018, Garcia told Europa Press that she and De Gea were yet to decide when to get married. She insisted that family was important to her and wanted to have children with the Spanish custodian, which she did later. Still, the order of marriage and having children does not bear much significance to her. 

They lived separately for eight years before Edurne moved to Manchester in 2018. Before that, she used to live in Madrid for her professional career. Spanish and English media have recently branded Edurne Garcia as David De Gea’s wife, but there is no public information regarding when the wedding occurred. We can say for sure that if they did get married, they did so after 2018. 

Edurne de Gea: Did Edurne Take David De Gea’s Surname?

No, Edurne does not introduce herself as Edurne de Gea to anyone. 

She still goes by the name Edurne Garcia. She is more famously known in the Spanish media as “Edurne.”

Early Life 

Edurne was born in the Spanish capital of Madrid on 22 December 1985. She started going to auditions when she was young. Joining the kids’ music group Trastos when she was nine years old. 

She also had small parts in Spanish TV shows like Hospital Central (2002) and Ana y los 7 as a child (2003). Edurne tried out for the fourth season of Operación Triunfo at the end of 2005, and the show’s judges chose her. She was kicked off the show after the 12th live show in early 2006.

Edurne Garcia’s Career 

Edurne Garcia AKA Edurne De gea

Edurne’s music career began in 2006 when Sony BMG released her first studio album, “Edurne.” It also had the hit single “Despierta,” which went straight to number five on the Spanish singles chart when it came out. The album was a big success, selling over a million copies. Other songs from the album made it into the top 20, including “Amores Dormidos” and “Te Falta Veneno.”

A year later, in 2007, Edurne came out with her second album. It was called “Illusion,” and it did pretty well. The third album, called “Premiere,” came out in 2008. The fourth studio album, “Nueva Piel,” came out in 2010. They were, at best, moderate hits, but they made the singer known in the music business.

In the years to come, three more albums would be made. “Climax” came out in 2013, then “Adrenlaina” in 2015, and “Catarsis” in 2020 came out after that. Adrenalina moved to number 6 on the SPA list, while Catarsis reached its highest ranking of number 3.

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The producing studio of the Spanish show Tu Cara Me Suena announced Edurne as a cast member for the show’s third season in 2013. This is a show where famous people act like singers to raise money for charity. She was chosen the winner by the public with about 60% of the votes, thanks to her performance of Christina Aguilera’s song “Hurt” in the show’s finale.

Edurne was one of the hosts of the comedy show “Todo Va Bien” on Cuatro from June to December 2014. She was also picked to sing for Spain at the Eurovision contest in 2015.

The final occurred in Vienna on 23 May 2015, and Edurne came in 21st out of 27 people. She got 15 points for her efforts. She used a song called “Amanecer,” which was later on her album Adrenalina. Since she started, it has been her biggest hit. She is a judge on Idol Kids and the host of the Spanish show “Fam jam Baila en Familia.”

David de Gea Children 

David de Gea and Edurne Garcia have a daughter together. Her name is Yanay. 

Yanay is the name of Edurne and David de Gea’s daughter. Her birthday is 4 March 2021. After David de Gea and Edurne Garcia Almagro had their first child, they moved into a new part of their lives. De Gea welcomed her daughter Yanay into the world by posting a cute photo of her daughter’s fingers on social media.

Edurne Garcia Social Media 

Edurne has a large number of fans on social media because she is a performer. She uses Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, three of the most popular social media sites.

Edurne Garcia’s Net Worth 

Edurne Garcia’s net worth will be approximately £17 million in 2023. 

Garcia’s husband is one of the top wage earners in the Premier League, but she has a sizable net worth of her own. She made most of her money from her successful music career. She also made good money from her TV roles and some endorsements. 

Final Words 

Regardless of the ambiguous nature of their relationship, David de Gea and Edurne Garcia are one of the power couples in Spain. When they started dating, none were as famous as they are today. Despite the money and fame they both embraced in the future years, their love for each other remained the same, or perhaps, even got more robust. 

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