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Federica Nargi: Alessandro Matri’s Wife

Alessandro Matri's wife Federica Nargi

Federica Nargi is a woman who did not let her footballer husband’s fame transcend her career achievements. She is Alessandro Matri’s wife and also an accomplished actress. Federica Nargi became a household name in Italy after her role as Velina in the Italian satire show Striscia la notizia. 

Who Is Alessandro Matri’s Wife?

Federica Nargi is Alessandro Matri’s wife. The former Juve and Milan star tied the knot with Nargi in June 2022. 

A month before their marriage ceremony in Formentera, rumours began to circulate that Matri and Nargi had called off their wedding. That appeared to be false news as Nargi went live on social media to confirm that the wedding would go as planned. 

Before the wedding, Matri and Nargi went on holiday with their daughters and friends in Sharm el Sheik. The couple chose Formentera as their wedding venue because they love spending summer vacations on the Mediterranean island. The couple dated for 13 years before becoming husband and wife. Matri asked for Nargi’s hand in 2021 when the couple was on holiday in Mykonos. 

In Rome, Federica Nargi was born to parents Concetta and Claudio Nargi on February 5, 1990. Federica Nargi and her sister, Claudia Nargi, are almost look-alikes. The Italian media often label the Nargi sisters as the Kardashians of Italy. Beginning with dance classes as a young girl, she went on to compete in and win a number of beauty pageants before finally landing at Miss Italy, where she was first awarded the title of Miss Rome and then the title of Miss Cotonella.

Alessandro Matri and Federica Nargi first met in 2009 at a disco in Milan. They talked on phone in the first three months before going on their first date. Matri asked her out, but she did not say yes immediately. After months of playing coy, Federica Nargi agreed to date Matri and the couple have been together ever since. 

Federica Nargi’s Career

Model Federica Nargi - The wife of Alessandro Matri

Federica Nargi partnered with Costanza Caracciolo at Striscia la notizia in 2008, and they would star together for the next four years. Additionally, during the 2010–2011 and 2011–2012 seasons, the dazzling duo presented Le nuove mostre, a comedy show of La5 designed by Antonio Ricci. Moviegoers first saw Federica Nargi on the big screen in 2011, when she landed a role in Massimo Morini’s film Capitan Basilico 2 – I Fantastici 4+4.

The fashion label Koralline hired Nargi as a model for two of their “autumn-winter 2012-2013 season” advertising campaigns in the summer of 2012. Nargi would return to represent Koraline in the future as well. In the first season of the Rai 2 reality show Pechino Express, which aired in the fall of 2012, Nargi reprised her “Le Veline” partnership with Costanza Caracciolo. They contested as a team in the show. She further enriched her modelling portfolio by working for Yamamay, Golden Point, Calzedonia, and other top-rated fashion houses. 

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Federica Nargi made her theatrical debut in the play Lui e Lei – Istruzioni per la coppia, directed by Federico Moccia and starring Roberta Giarrusso and Gabriele Cirilli in the month of November 2013. Nargi competed in the pilot season of Rai 1’s talent show Si pu fare! in the spring of 2014 and finished in second place. She appeared in the 2013 video for “Heroes” by Ben Dj and was the main character in “Il bello d’esser brutti” by J-Ax in January 2015.

She appeared on Amadeus’s first season of the Rai 2 comedy show Stasera tutto è possibile in September 2015. Nargi starred as Scilla Manfridi in the 2017 Canale 5 primetime drama Il bello delle donne… alcuni anni dopo, with Adua Del Vesco and Claudia Cardinale; the drama, directed by Eros Puglielli, premiered in January and ran through March. Nargi served as both a spokesman and a model for the “Goldenpoint & HUE 2015/2016” pantyhose line, which debuted in the autumn of 2015.

Who Is Federica Nargi’s Sister?

Famous Italian social media influencer Claudia Nargi is the elder sister of Federica Nargi. Claudia is six years older than her younger sister. 

Claudia Nargi is an Instagram influencer who mostly posts about her travels, fitness routine, and of course, family. Unlike her sister, she did not pursue a career in the entertainment industry, but she has a sizeable follower base on Instagram. The Mediterranean beauty has more than 194 thousand followers on the platform. 

Even though she has a lovely body and posts videos of her workouts, Claudia stresses that she accepts her body’s imperfections. She tries to live a healthy life, but that doesn’t mean she is desperate to do whatever it takes to achieve a photogenic figure. However, her sizzling swimsuit photos suggest she is already blessed with a phenomenal physique. 

Claudia says she is not a training freak like her sister. But she does have a physical trainer, and she tries to hit the gym twice a week on a regular basis. She is also a regular follower of football and tennis. 

The two sisters have an excellent connection, as proven by the numerous social media posts in which they can be seen spending quality time together. Their loving friends and families are constantly reminded of how much they care about one another.

Alessandra Matri and Federica Nargi Children

Alessandra Matri and Federica Nargi have two daughters together. 

The arrival of their daughters completed the already beautiful relationship Alessandra Matri, and Federica Nargi had. Sofia was born in September 2016, and Beatrice in March 2019. Nargi says Sophia used to be the princess of the house, but she happily left that mantle to her younger sister Beatrice when she came to the family. 

Federica Nargi Fitness 

Federica says she has to work hard at the gym to maintain her toned and trim physique, especially after two pregnancies. But she refuses to deprive herself of too many things at the table. She does not have a strict diet and loves to eat a lot on special occasions. Federica doesn’t bother crunching calory numbers. 

As a child, she practised dance and was fond of other sporting activities. She went through periods when she didn’t train. But for some years, she has come to the realisation training is essential not only for keeping her physique in line but also for general well-being. 

Federica goes to the gym twice a week, at least. And even when she is not at the gym, she loves to burn calories by running, swimming, and dancing. 

Federica Nargi Social Media 

With more than 4 million Instagram followers, Federica Nargi is one of the most followed influencers in Italy. Federica documents her personal style, leisure activities, and family life through photographs.

Final Words

Federica Nargi and Alessandro Matri took their time to tie the knot, but they finally did it. After twelve years of dating, Federica now has a ring on her finger that symbolises the bond she and Matri are lucky to share. 

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