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Gerard Pique’s Girlfriend: Clara Chia Marti

Gerard Piques and Girlfriend Clara Chia Marti

Footballers frequently steal the show in the glittering world of professional sports due to their extraordinary abilities and achievements. Gerard Piqué, Barcelona’s charismatic defender, is no exception. 

Despite his commanding presence on the pitch and relentless dedication to the game, Piqué’s personal life has gained the interest of fans and media alike. 

Today, we delve into the fascinating story of Clara Chia Marti, the remarkable girl he chose after such a long relationship with his previous ex-girlfriend.

Gerard Pique’s girlfriend is also no stranger to media attention and an icon in her own right, and “Clara Chia Pique” is one of the couples most searched keywords on the Google platform to date,

Who Is Gerard Pique’s Girlfriend?

Clara Chia Marti is Gerard Pique’s new girlfriend

Gerard Pique's new girlfirend - Clara Chia Pique

While Piqué’s professional endeavours are frequently in the spotlight, his romantic relationship with Clara has ‘piqued’ the interest of fans looking for a glimpse into the footballer’s personal life. 

Their journey together demonstrates the strength of love and resilience in the face of constant public scrutiny.

Clara Chia Mart, a woman of poise and grace, has forged her own path in fashion and business. Aside from being Piqué’s girlfriend, she has been under a lot of scrutiny by the media and public since partnering with the football star. 

Clara has established herself as a formidable presence in her own right as a talented entrepreneur and style icon, captivating younger audiences with her impeccable fashion sense and entrepreneurial temperament.

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While Clara’s relationship with Piqué has undoubtedly increased her fame and celebrity status, her unwavering support and unbreakable bond with the footballer have tested her character. 

Clara’s constant presence by Piqué’s side attests to the strength of their bond, reminding us that true partnerships can withstand the pressures of celebrity.

This article will delve into the highlights of Clara Chia Mart and Gerard Piqué’s relationship, covering the story behind the headlines and shedding light on the woman who has captured the heart of one of football’s greats. 

Clara Chia Marti At A Glance

  • Name: Clara Chia Marti
  • Date of birth: 1999
  • Place of birth: Barcelona, Spain
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Height: 5ft 6in
  • Occupation: Model, PR Student, Waitress
  • Children: N/A

Clara Chia Marti Facts & Achievements 

Clara Chia Mart is an intriguing personality in her own right, known for her accomplishments and personal pursuits. Below are some interesting facts about Clara Chia Mart:

  • Professional Background: Clara’s professional background includes work in the fashion and business industries. She has a keen sense of style and has shown her entrepreneurial spirit through various ventures.
  • Fashion Influence: Clara is regarded as a fashion icon, with her impeccable fashion sense attracting the attention of fashion enthusiasts. Her elegant and sophisticated choices have piqued the interest and admiration of fans and fashion connoisseurs alike.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Clara’s entrepreneurial endeavours demonstrate her drive and ambition. She has made a name for herself as a businesswoman, demonstrating her ability to navigate the volatile world of entrepreneurship.
  • Supportive Partner: Marti is best known as Gerard Piqué’s girlfriend, the renowned Barcelona and Spanish national team footballer. Clara has been by Piqué’s side throughout their relationship, providing unwavering support and being a pillar of strength during his career’s triumphs and challenges.
  • Private Life: While Clara’s public profile has grown due to her relationship with Piqué, she maintains a relatively private personal life. This discretion lends her character an air of mystery, leaving fans eager to learn more about the woman behind the scenes.
  • Influential Network: Clara is known to have an extensive network of influential connections in the fashion and business industries. Her relationships with notable figures in various fields highlight her influence and standing in the industry.
  • Philanthropic Involvement: Clara has demonstrated a commitment to philanthropy by using her platform to support various charitable causes. Her involvement in charitable efforts reflects her compassion and dedication to making a positive difference in society.

Gerard Pique’s Ex Girlfriend

Shakira - Gerard Pique's ex-girlfriend

Pique’s notable ex and previous partner before Clara is Columbian singer-songwriter, Shakira. Pique and Shakira had been married and dating since 2010.

The ex-couple has two children together, Milan and Sasha, who now live with their mother in Miami, whilst Pique still resides in Barcelona.  

Shakira is a worldwide renowned pop star, songwriter and dancer with multiple Grammy Awards and Billboard Music Awards. She is viewed as a national treasure in the eyes and hearts of the public, with a music career spanning over 30 years.  

Shakira’s talent is recognised not only for her music, but also for her captivating stage presence and dynamic dance moves. 

Her famous hip-shaking performances have become her signature style, enthralling audiences worldwide.

According to Spanish media, Pique was unfaithful to the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer, which caused their breakup. However, in breaking her silence for the first time to address the separation, Shakira appeared to name another reason for the relationship’s end.

In past interviews, she mentioned that she had to make sacrifices in her career for the sake of Pique’s so she could be with the couple’s children. Still, he was unwilling to do the same for her. 

Described as a dark time in her life, Shakira didn’t go into too much more detail to the news and press about the split and details. Trying to remain amicable in the separation. 

However, The Latin pop sensation has since been linked to several public figures, including Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton and Hollywood actor Tom Cruise.

Why Were Gerard Pique And Girlfriend Kicked Out Of A Restaurant?

Months after splitting from Columbian singer-songwriter Shakira, Barcelona legend Pique and his new girlfriend Clara made their relationship public on Instagram. Allegedly the couple were thrown out of a Japanese restaurant because the owner was a huge Shakira fan.

A video of Gerard and Clara leaving the restaurant went viral on TikTok. The video showed them getting into their car after their night had ended in disaster and cut short.

The waiter dismisses them and asks them to leave in the video. Perhaps as a result of instructions from the establishment’s owner. 

There are claims that Clara and Pique were having an affair behind Shakira’s back at the time of their relationship.

Clara Chia Media Attacks & Body Shaming

Clara Chia Marti hugging new boyfriend Gerard Pique

In June 2022, Clara Chia Marti faced public backlash since the news of her relationship with Gerard Pique became public. 

With big boots to fill after piques ex-girlfriend Shakira, there would always be the spotlight and pressure on his next partner.

Her first photo with Gerard sparked comparisons to his ex-girlfriend Shakira, with personal attacks on her character and appearance.   

Why Did Gerard Leave Shakira For Clara Chia Marti?

As many might ask, this question is on many people’s minds. There are numerous theories as to what caused Shakira and Gerard Pique’s split, and we may never truly know what prevented a possible reconciliation.

“Shakira is a more conservative person than Clara due to her age and family ties, having to care for her parents and children simultaneously, and living outside her country. 

She wants to be in control of everything. Even though she is not married to Pique, they lived in a marital relationship. 

According to newspapers, Pique’s extramarital affairs, which were well-known in Barcelona’s nightlife, were one of the causes of their feud “.

Moreover, unlike the musician, “Clara Chia, on the other hand, is a lot younger than Shakira and from a different generation. She could be Shakira’s daughter. 

Clara Chia is more of a free spirit that promotes the benefits of polygamy, polyamorous relationships, and couples who allow their partners to have other loving relationships. 

According to magazines, Pique preferred a couple with more liberal ideas. Whether she is Catalan, young, and educated, or Shakira with her diva lifestyle, it all comes down to Pique “being able to do what he has always done, but without hurting anyone.”


Since researching Gerard Pique’s new girlfriend, Clara Chia, it’s apparent that she is trying to lead a private life and wants to avoid backlash from the press and media. 

Although the rumours of Gerard cheating on his ex-girlfriend Shakira with Clara arent confirmed, it’s likely that this has been a factor in his split with his ex-girlfriend of 12+ years. 

Let’s see what the future will bring with the new couple; who knows? She may become Clara Chia Pique, or there may be a future report of the two being sighted at some private swinger party in the Spanish underworld.

Either way, the new couple appear to be enjoying their new relationship away from the public eye.   

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