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Ines Degener Tomoz: Bernardo Silva’s Girlfriend

Bernardo Silva and girlfriend Ines Degener Tomoz

Allow me to introduce you to the one and only Ines Degener Tomaz, who’s not just any Portuguese fashion model – she’s the enchanting girlfriend of none other than football heartthrob Bernardo Silva. 

With a beauty that seems like it’s been touched by magic, Ines caught everyone’s eye. But here’s where the story takes an exciting turn: her journey to fame soared even higher when she became the lucky lady by the side of Bernardo Silva, the football superstar. 

Ready to peel back the curtain and discover more about the life of Bernardo Silva’s girlfriend? Let’s embark on this thrilling ride of one of the hottest football WAGs on the planet!

Ines Degener Tomoz Model Vital Stats:

  • Full Name: Ines Degener Tomaz
  • Profession: Model
  • Nationality: Portuguese
  • Birth Country: Portugal
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Dating
  • Boyfriend: Bernardo Silva
  • Height: 164cm / 5ft 4in

Is Bernardo Silva Married?

No, Bernardo Silva’s girlfriend is Ines Degener Tomoz, and he’s never been married. There is no information confirming that Bernado and Ines are serious at the moment.

Where Did Bernardo Silva & Ines Degener Tomaz Meet?

Bernardo Silva sitting with girlfriend Ines Degener Tomoz

Guess what? Two years after splitting up with Alicia, our lucky footballer’s life took an unexpected turn! He crossed paths with Ines Tomaz during the wild ride that was the coronavirus lockdown. 

Imagine this: he was chilling with his buddies in a big rural house just an hour from the capital. And guess who was there too? Yep, Ines! They even snapped a pic together, capturing the moment.

Now, hold onto your seats because that lockdown turned out to be quite the matchmaker. As we dug up the deets on Ines Tomaz, we discovered sparks flew between these two during those stay-at-home days. Ines, who’s an absolute beauty, decided to mark the occasion with a pic on her Instagram. Her caption? “Best of 2020.” Oh, and Bernardo didn’t hold back either – he left a sweet comment, showing off his affection for his new flame.

Fast forward to Christmas, and these two were on a roll. They posted a pic of themselves at the dinner table, all smiles and cosy vibes. You won’t believe it – they even gave their Christmas tree some serious glam while lounging in their comfiest tracksuits and socks. And when Bernardo spilt the beans about his new love, he didn’t do it quietly. Nope, he went all out, sharing tons of cosy, lovey-dovey pics with his drop-dead gorgeous girlfriend.

Oh, and here’s the icing on the cake – Ines made the ultimate move and decided to plant her roots in Manchester, all to be closer to her beau. But don’t worry, she still jetsets back to Portugal now and then to rock her job like the boss she is!

Ines Degener Career & Salary 

Ines Degener Tomoz Model

Let’s delve into the intricacies of Ines Tomaz’s career and her earnings as a fashion model. Ines has garnered a substantial following on her Instagram account, where she regularly shares stylish snapshots of herself. Collaborating with numerous fashion brands, she has carved a niche for herself. On January 3, 2021, she shared a photo featuring her sister Marian. Both adorned striking black gowns crafted by the renowned Pronovias brand.

The caption offered a nod to the brand: “Starting the year in the best way with Pronovias.” Not only does she champion fashion, but she also lends her influence to jewellery and watch brands. On December 13, 2020, she graced her Instagram with an elegant image, endorsing a golden timepiece for the Cauny brand. The Tous jewellery brand also received her endorsement on several occasions.

In November 2020, she flaunted a necklace from the same brand, accompanied by the caption: “Good thing jewellery works for every season.” Leveraging her impeccable physique, Ines has seamlessly promoted swimwear, too. Her remuneration is believed to stem from her affiliations with various brands. Based on industry norms, models typically earn around £30 per hour, and it’s plausible she commands a similar fee. While information regarding Ines’s net worth remains elusive, her professional success is undeniable.

Embarking on a lavish lifestyle, the fashion model’s travels are a testament to her affluence. Just months ago, in March, she embarked on an escapade to Havana, Cuba, in the company of her friends. 

Desert landscapes also allure Ines. She ventured to the Sahara Desert in Morocco, accompanied by her best friend Carolina Nashtai, a social media manager and brand consultant. With a notable following of her own, Carolina boasts approximately 100k+ Instagram followers.

Yet, at her core, Ines is a true beach enthusiast, relishing tranquil moments by the shore, basking in the sun’s embrace and the ocean’s serenity. Notably, in September 2020, she shared picturesque moments with her partner Bernardo Silva at Formentera – an idyllic island in the Mediterranean Sea near Ibiza – where the couple indulged in quality holiday moments.

Childhood & Family

Ines Degener Tomaz came into this world on June 24, 1998, right in the heart of Lisbon, Portugal. Just like her boyfriend, the dashing Bernardo Silva, Ines boasts Portuguese roots. Surprisingly enough, destiny had them growing up in the same neck of the woods. As for Ines Tomaz’s childhood, it’s like an untold story, hidden away.

But let’s talk about genes for a second—it seems like the jackpot hit Ines’s family. She’s got beauty and an envy-worthy physique, and guess what? It’s not just her! Her sister Mariana took centre stage, representing Portugal in Miss Global 2017. Clearly, fabulousness runs in the family. And here’s the twist—Ines and Mariana? Tight as a knot.

Peek into Ines’s life, and you’ll see she’s all about those family vibes. Her Instagram? Packed with pics of her clan and close-knit friends. But what about the parental units? Ines’s lips are sealed when it comes to sharing details about them.

And speaking of siblings, guess what? Ines’s got a brother, too, and he’s got his own online presence on Instagram. Good looks are a family affair!

Social Media

Now, let’s dive into the juicy scoop about Ines Tomaz and her social media realm. Brace yourself because this stunning Portuguese sensation has taken Instagram by storm. Remember when we mentioned her followers? Well, they’re like a roaring crowd cheering for their favourite star. 

You can catch her glitzing up your feed with the username @inesdegenertomaz. Get this—she’s got nearly 200k loyal followers who can’t resist keeping tabs on her adventures, from jet-setting to new lands to the daily whirlwind of life. 

But guess what? The beauty’s no one-way street; she’s got her squad, too, following over 800 cool cats herself.

Hold onto your hats, ’cause Ines Tomaz is not just a pretty face. Oh no, she’s a fashion promoter extraordinaire! Green brands that preach the gospel of environment-friendly living? Yep, she’s got those on her hit list, too.

And guess what? This confident beach babe isn’t shy about showing off her stylish swimsuit collection. Prepare for a tidal wave of cute bikini pics and some serious shout-outs to those swimsuit brands.

So, there you have it, folks—Ines Tomaz, the social media superstar, strutting her stuff and ruling the online kingdom with style!

Bernardo Silva Ex-Girlfriend

Bernardo Silva’s romantic history took him on a journey with Alicia Verrando, a multi-talented individual. Alicia was no ordinary person—she was a whiz at international business, having studied at California State University. Moreover, she effortlessly spoke several languages, including English, Portuguese, and French. 

Their love story ignited back when fate brought Alicia to the glittering world of Monaco’s club, where she landed an intern marketing role. Sparks flew, and their relationship blossomed into something truly special. Alicia’s unwavering support was like rocket fuel for Bernardo’s career as a shining star at Manchester City.

The grand stage of the World Cup became a testament to their love. Alicia ventured all the way to Russia to stand by her man as he battled it out on the field. But, as life would have it, Alicia had to make the move across the pond to the U.K. And so, their love story shifted to the realm of long-distance.

Alicia’s devotion never waned. As soon as she touched down in her new home, she shared a heartfelt video. Fans, draped in Portuguese jerseys adorned with her partner’s name, showcased their solidarity before Bernardo’s team took on Uruguay. But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.

The final snapshot of this once-powerful couple dates back to May 2018, a sweet memory from their time at the upscale Sesimbra resort near Lisbon. Bernardo Silva himself revealed that the warmth in their relationship had dwindled. As time went on, the painful decision to part ways was inevitable.

Love stories have their chapters, and this one between Bernardo and Alicia saw its closing lines drawn.


In conclusion, Ines Tomaz is the ultimate embodiment of style, adventure, and a touch of Portuguese magic. Teaming up with football sensation Bernardo Silva added a spark to her already dazzling story. 

From runway to beachside, she’s a fashion maven who doesn’t just follow trends – she sets them. Her Instagram feed? A stunning showcase of globetrotting glamour, with trips to dreamy places like Havana and the Sahara Desert. 

And let’s not forget her architectural escapades, making landmarks her runway. With a sidekick like Carolina Nashtai, they’re a dynamic duo, turning every party into a spotlight affair. Ines’s heart truly belongs to the beach, where she soaks up the sun and seaside vibes. So, Ines Tomaz reigns supreme in a world of fashion, travel, and unbridled fun!

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