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Jessica Aidi: Marco Verratti’s Wife

Marco Verratti's Wife -Jessica Aldi

Jessica Aidi is a successful model and a famous social media influencer in France. But in the football world, she is renowned for being the better half of Marco Verratti and one of the hottest WAGs. 

How did Jessica Aidi become Marco Verratti’s wife? How long have they been together? Let’s find out more about the power couple. 

Who Is Marco Verratti’s Wife? 

Jessica Aldi is Marco Veratti’s wife. The Italy international got married to Aidi in 2021. Aidi took on the surname of her husband after marriage. 

Aidi is a Montpellier girl, but she has African and Arabian roots. She successfully completed her baccalaureate and enrolled in the prestigious HEC Paris, considered one of the best business schools in Europe. She has a degree in economics and management. 

Jessica Aidi could have had a successful corporate career, but destiny would take her to a different career route. She was selected in an open casting call, and before she even could fully apprehend what was going on, she found herself on a New York-bound flight for a photo shoot. 

Jessica is a family girl now with a husband and children. But that did not stop her from pursuing her career dreams. She is still active on the modelling scene and has built a sizable fan following on social media. 

Jessica Aidi Veratti At A Glance 

  • Birthday: July 11, 1991. 
  • Hometown: Montpellier, France. 
  • Height: 5 feet 9 inches 
  • Weight: 118 lbs 
  • Body Measurements: 34-26-35 inches 
  • Occupation: Model, Social Media Influencer.
  • Net Worth: £1.5 million 
  • Social Media: Instagram

How Did Jessica Aidi And Marco Verratti Meet? 

Jessica Aldi - Marco Verratti Wife

Jessica Aidi and Marco Verratti met through mutual friends in 2019. 

Aidi recounted the story of her first meeting with Verratti on a Sud Radio show. Back in 2019, she was working as a waitress in a Parisian restaurant. Aidi was a university student at that time and worked to support her studies. 

Verratti frequented that restaurant, and one day, some of Aidi’s friends, who also knew the Paris Saint-Germain star, introduced them to each other. They started to date weeks later. 

Aidi revealed he nicknamed Verratti her ‘’little monkey’’ as he would hug her often like a monkey and refused to let go. 

Jessica Aidi And Marco Verratti Wedding 

Jessica Aidi and Marco Verratti married on July 15, 2021, in a small ceremony in Paris. 

Verratti was having the time of his life as he had won the Euro 2020 with Italy only four days ago. The midfielder had proposed to Aidi in December 2020 when they were on vacation in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh. Verratti took to Instagram to share the news and was immediately congratulated by his followers. 

The Italian-French wedding took place at the Mairie de Neuilly-sur-Seine, a town hall that sits on the outskirts of Paris. They exchanged their vows there and then went to the Hôtel de Crillon, near the Place de la Concorde in Paris, for the afterparty. 

Jessica wore a Dolce & Gabanna dress for the reception. Former French First Lady Carla Bruni serenaded the guests with some of her famous hits. There were around fifty guests in attendance. 

Jessica Aidi’s Net Worth 

Jessica Aidi has a net worth of £1.5 million in 2023. 

Jessica Aidi has been in the modelling industry for years, but she blew up after she started to date Verratti. She was waiting tables as recently as 2019. Yes, she had some excellent modelling jobs; she even made it to the final of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search in 2017. But the money started to flow in much later. 

She has worked with some big brands in recent years and also made it to the covers of prominent magazines like Elle. As her social media following went up, more brands started hiring her. 

Next Models Paris and Next Models Milan currently represent her. Next Models is one of the biggest model agencies in Europe, and it’s pretty selective about its clientele. Aidi has managed to build a respectable profile that prompted the agency to sign her. 

Jessica Aidi Social Media 

Jessica Aldi, model and football Wag

Jesica Aidi is very active on social media. Her follower base has crossed the half-million mark milestone, and it’s only a matter of time before it reaches six digits. Jessica Aidi shares photos of her family, her travel pics, besides her sexy glamour shots. 

Is Jenniffer Verratti Related To Jessica And Marco Verratti? 

No, Jeniffer Verratti is not related to Marco Verratti. 

Jeniffer Verratti is a famous Italian TikTok star who became famous for her lip-sync videos. Because of their surnames, many thought Marco Verratti and Jenniffer Verratti were related. But in reality, they are not. 

Jessica Aida Verratti And Marco Verratti’s Children 

Jessica Aida Verratti and Marco Verratti are yet to have children of their own. But, Verratti has two sons from his first wedding. Verratti divorced his first wife, Laura Zazzara, a few years before marrying Jessica. 

Jessica loves and treats Tommaso Verratti and Andrea Verratti as her own children. She posts photos of them on her social media. The boys seem to love her as well. She is yet to get pregnant, but she already knows what it feels like to be a mother. 

Final Words 

Jessica Aida has been Marco Verratti’s wife for a few years now. She has restored Verratti’s faith in family life following his heartbreaking divorce. They already have two sons, but maybe they will consider expanding their family to consolidate their bond even more. 

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