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Kennedy Alexa – James Maddison’s Girlfriend And Wife To Be?

Kennedy Alexa, James Maddison's Girlfriend

In the exciting world of English football, we often hear about the players who shine on the field and make the news headlines. But there’s another interesting aspect to their lives—their partners, who play a crucial role in their personal journeys.

One partner who has recently become the talk of fans and the media is James Maddison’s girlfriend, Kennedy Alexa.

While James Maddison impresses football fans with his skills, his relationship with Kennedy has caught everyone’s attention. Behind the scenes, Kennedy is his biggest supporter, always there to encourage him and share his career’s ups and downs.

Kennedy Alexa has a captivating and mysterious presence that has drawn people in. Her undeniable charm, beauty, and magnetic personality naturally grab attention wherever she goes. But there’s more to Kennedy than meets the eye.

Although she keeps a lower public profile compared to other English football WAGs and her famous partner, Kennedy’s impact on Maddison’s life is significant. Being the girlfriend of a respected footballer, she has to find a balance between her private life and being in the public eye.

This article explores Kennedy Alexa’s background, interests, and the special dynamics of her relationship with James Maddison. We’ll look at their joyful moments together, the challenges they face as a couple in the public spotlight, and discover what makes Kennedy such a captivating person.

Join us as we uncover the story of Kennedy Alexa, the woman who has stolen James Maddison’s heart. She brings her allure to the football world and has an influence that extends far beyond the boundaries of the pitch.

Kennedy Alexa At A Glance (James Maddison’s Girlfriend)

  • Name: Kennedy Alexa
  • Date of birth: June 17, 1994
  • Place of birth: England
  • Nationality: English
  • Partner: James Maddison
  • Occupation: Ex-model / Stay-at-home mother
  • Height: 5ft 6in
  • Siblings: Jordan Barnes (Brother)
  • Children: 3 children (twin boy & girl)

Kennedy Alexa’s Model Career?

Alexa was born on June 17, 1994, in England. She reportedly only returned to the UK that year. Her previous address was in Los Angeles, where Baseball and other American sports piqued her interest.

She also marched in a Black Lives Matter protest in West Hollywood.

It comes as no surprise that Alexa works as a model. A quick scroll through her over 60,000 Instagram followers reveals the stunning brunette modelling in numerous fashion campaigns. 

She’s adjusted well to Wag life, leading a glamorous lifestyle and recently filming a commercial for Princess Polly’s online boutique.

Prince Polly is an online boutique that showcases affordable womens clothing in the US, England and Australia, that was established back in 2010 in Queensland, Australia. Kennedy was asked to star in their marketing campaign back in 2018.

Kennedy Alexa’s & James Maddison’s Children 

James and Kennedy Alexa have been together for three years and have a son named Leo, born in July 2021. The couple received many congratulations from their friends, including Harry Kane’s wife Kate, who wrote: ‘Congratulations’.

‘So perfect Congratulations,’ said Carl Fogarty’s daughter Danielle Fogarty.

Anouska Santos, Luke Shaw’s girlfriend, described the tots as “perfect.”

The couple’s gender reveal party was rocked when it was revealed that they were expecting twins, both a boy and a girl.

In TikTok footage, Maddison and Kennedy were surrounded by friends and family, including the midfielder’s club teammates.

The 10-second countdown began with everyone holding gold confetti poppers before blue and pink confetti, representing a boy and a girl, flew out.

Alexa bolted from Maddison in a frenzy after shooting pink confetti from her cannon while the England international hunches over, stunned by the news.

When Did James Maddison And Partner Kennedy Alexa First Meet?

James Maddison's Girlfriend, Kennedy Alexa

On Christmas Eve 2020, James and Kennedy made their relationship public for the first time when they shared a loving photo of themselves cuddling their dog in matching pyjamas.

The couple has kept their relationship fairly private, and it is unknown how they met or when they began dating.

Originally from England, Kennedy lived in Los Angeles, where she posted photos of herself attending baseball games and hiking in Runyon Canyon. It may be that they first became aware of each other through social media, and that spurred their relationship.

Social Media

Kennedy is fairly active on her Instagram page, which boasts 62k followers. Her posts mainly consist of family outings, pre and post pregnancy photos and updated photos of herself with partner James and their three children.

After further inspection, we found that Kennedy follows other football WAGs, such as Charlotte Tripier and Anouska Santos, along with other Instagram influencers within the model and fashion industry.

Like most UK football WAGs, Kennedy likes to show her lavish lifestyle, with photos of her eating at top restaurants, travelling the world and showing off her luxury items, like Gucci and Chanel handbags.

Not forgetting an abundance of modelling and posing shots from when she was living in Los Angeles.

Black Lives Matter Support? 

Upon research, it’s been noticed that Kennedy is in support of The Black Lives Matter movement and shared a post of her and her friends at a march in California back in June 2020.

Attached to her photo, she posted, “Yesterday I was a part of the most powerful thing I have ever experienced. Seeing so much unity & togetherness from everyone was a truly beautiful thing, but we cannot stop here. There is so much systematic oppression & inequality that needs to be changed. Do your part, educate yourself, listen & be the change. I stand with you.”


After researching the couple, it’s apparent James Maddison’s partner, Kennedy, has stolen his heart. They live the perfect life along with their children. It’s only a matter of time before she becomes James Maddison’s wife.

Maddison’s footballing career is going from strength to strength, with his new move to Tottenham Hotspurs for a promising new season in 2023/24.

Finally, these two people have built fulfilling careers while raising a loving family of three. 

They have laid a solid foundation for continued success and happiness through their mutual support, hard work, and shared vision for a bright future.

James Maddison’s balance of professional accomplishments and family nurturing reflects their commitment to both personal and professional development.

It is clear that their journey will be guided by their unwavering determination, resilience, and unwavering support for one another as they move forward.

They have worked together to create a nurturing environment in which their children can thrive, surrounded by love, support, and limitless possibilities.

Their story is an inspiration, reminding us of the limitless possibilities that can be realised through hard work, passion, and a strong partnership.

With a bright future ahead of them, they will undoubtedly continue to scale new heights, leaving a lasting legacy for their children to follow, and wedding bells will certainly be on the cards in the near future.

We can only wish this extraordinary footballer and his potential future wife the best of luck and happiness on their journey.

Their unending love, shared dreams, and collective aspirations will undoubtedly lead to great achievements, promising a bright and prosperous future for all involved.

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