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Ludivine Kadri Sagna: Bacary Sagna’s Wife

Ludivine Kadri Sagna -Bacary Sagna's Wife

Former France, Manchester City and Arsenal right-back Bacary Sagna boasts a trophy-laden career. Sagna is also fortunate to tie the knot with the woman of his dreams, Ludivine Kadri Sagna. Ludivine draws comparisons to the hottest football wags on the planet. Let’s discover who Bacary Sagna’s wife is in fine detail. 

Who Is Bacary Sagna’s Wife? 

Ludivine Sagna is Bacary Sagna’s wife. They got married in 2010. 

Ludivine Kadri Sagna, Bacary’s wife, is a stunning French model living in Auxerre. On September 6, 1988, she was born to a typical middle-class household of Algerian origin. 

Their wedding ceremony took place in a small north-central town of France called Sens. It’s Bacary Sagna’s hometown. Six hundred guests were in attendance as the favourite son of Sens pledged to spend the rest of his life with the beautiful Ludivine. There was no champagne, no exotic location, and no fairytale-like castles. The couple preferred a simple reception in the simple town where Bacary Sagna spent his childhood. 

Sagna got married a few weeks after the 2010 World Cup final. Before the tournament, Sagna said that he was looking forward to playing the World Cup final with France, and if Les Blues had qualified for the final, it would have been more special for him than his wedding day. We are sure Mrs Sagna wasn’t happy to hear that. So perhaps she wasn’t that heartbroken when France crashed out of the tournament from the group stages. 

Ludivine Kadri Sagna: At A Glance 

  • Birthday: September 6, 1988. 
  • Hometown: Auxerre, France. 
  • Occupation: Modelling, Entrepreneur, TV Personality. 
  • Body Measurements: 36-27-36
  • Weight: 110 lbs 
  • Net Worth: £1 million
  • Social Media: Instagram

How Ludivine Met Bacary? 

Ludivin Kadri and Bacary Sagna

Ludivine Sagna was introduced to Bacary Sagna by her brother in 1998. They were teammates in AJ Auxerre’s youth team at that time. 

So, Ludivine has known Bacary since her childhood days. When they first met, Bacary Sagna was 14, and Ludivine was ten years old. Bacary was a part of Auxerre’s youth setup till 2002. After Ludivine turned 17 in 2005, the couple disclosed they were romantically involved. 

Ludivine Kadri Sagna’s Net Worth 

Ludivine Kadri Sagna has a net worth of £1 million in 2023. 

Soon after finishing high school, Ludivine pursued a university degree in commerce and moved to London with her boyfriend. Bacary Sagna was an Arsenal player at that time. Ludivine started auditioning for modelling jobs during her stay in London and did not have to wait long to find work. She went back and forth between Paris and London because of her hectic schedule. Mrs. Sagna endorsed many products before launching a children’s clothing line of her own.

Ludivine Sagna, model and football wag

Ludivine Sagna has been the face of brands like OMydress Paris and Egeria. She famously posed nude with her husband for a photoshoot. Ludivine also made her TV debut as the host of the popular French show Touche Pas a Mon Sport. Her modelling and entrepreneurial ventures have made hundreds of thousands of pounds. 

Ludivine Sagna And Bacary Sagna Children

Ludivine and Bacary have two sons together. 

Don’t let those stunning curves fool you; Ludivine Sagna is a mommy of two! Ludivine and Bacary welcomed their first child a year before their marriage. Their firstborn was Elias, who was born in 2009. Kais became the second child in the family four years later, as the couple were three years into their marriage. 

Social Media 

Ludivine is an active Instagrammer with more than 290 thousand followers. Apart from posting sexy swimwear photos of herself, she regularly keeps her fans posted about her daily life updates. 


Ludivine has known Bacary ever since she was a high school child. She fell in love with the would-be France international shortly after they met, and they have kept that bond intact ever since. That’s not something you usually see in footballers’ highly materialistic personal lives. 

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