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Maria Zulay Salaues: Paul Pogba’s Wife

Paul Pogba and Wife Maria Zulay Salaues

Paul Pogba is one of the most vibrant characters in modern football. The French midfielder is considered one of his generation’s most talented midfield generals. Besides his midfield prowess, Pogba has won over fans with his flamboyant lifestyle and personality. 

Paul Pogba’s wife, Maria Pogba, has been the Juventus ace’s source of inspiration whenever he has struggled with his form in recent years. They have experienced the highs of lows of Pogba’s career together. Let’s learn more about Maria, an undisputed member of the top 50 Wags list

Who Is Paul Pogba’s Wife? 

Maria Zulay Salaues is Paul Pogba’s wife. After marrying Pogba in 2018, she took on her husband’s surname and started identifying as Maria Pogba. 

Maria was born in Bolivia and aspired to be a model since her teenage days. To pursue her dreams, she moved to California, where she eventually met Pogba. Pogba provided the springboard Maria needed to launch her career.

Maria Zulay Salaues (Paul Pogba Girlfriend)

She started to get a host of modelling offers because of her relation to one of the most commercially successful footballers of modern times. It also brought her significant exposure on social media. 

Before stepping into modelling, Maria enrolled in the University of Bolivia to study Business Administration. She dropped out before graduation and started working as a real estate agent. Then she decided to chase the dream of becoming a model. So, as luck would have it, she immigrated to the US and met her future husband there. 

Maria was a Christian before marrying Pogba. But after she married Pogba, she reportedly converted to Islam. 

Paul Pogba Children (Kids)

Maria and Paul Pogba have two children, both sons. 

They welcomed their first son in 2019. But for months, they kept it a secret. Former Man United star Bryan Robson was actually the first to confirm that Pogba has become a father. After a win against Brighton that season, Pogba shared the photo of his first son, Labile Shakur Pogba. A year later, Maria and Paul became parents for the second time as they were blessed with another baby boy in 2020. 

Maria Zulay Salaues At A Glance 

  • Birthday: 16 November 1994. 
  • Hometown: Rogore, Bolivia. 
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches 
  • Weight: 127 lbs 
  • Body Measurements: 36-25-36 inches 
  • Occupation: Model 
  • Net Worth: Unknown 
  • Social Media: Instagram

Paul Pogba And Maria Zulay Salaues Wedding 

Paul Pogba & Wife Maria Zulay Salaues Wedding

Paul Pogba and Maria Zulay Salaues married at a secret ceremony in Paris on 16 March 2018. The couple decided to keep it a secret, but Maria later blurted out that they got married in 2018. 

No photographs or details of the event surfaced, which is strange, considering Pogba’s love for festivities. Pogba broke the internet when he busted out some slick dance moves at his younger brother’s wedding in 2019. 

The video also sparked mass controversy as he was sidelined with an ankle injury at that time. Pogba’s action made many speculate that he was not interested in playing under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at Man United. But he stayed with the Red Devils for three more years before moving back to Juventus on a free transfer in the summer of 2022. 

Maria Pogba’s Net Worth 

There is no concrete source that can give us a credible idea about Maria Pogba’s net worth. Yes, her career did take off after she started to date Pogba, but she did not work with the biggest fashion brands. Nor did she manage to break out as a TV star. Perhaps, her net worth is yet to reach six figures. 

How Did Maria Zulay Salaues And Paul Pogba Meet? 

Maria Zulay Salaues and Paul Pogba met in the United States in 2017 when the latter was on tour with Manchester United. 

While Pogba travelled to the Man United squad, he did not get much time on the pitch as he struggled with a hamstring injury. So, he was more on vacation than on a professional tour. He was exploring Los Angeles, and he met Maria one fateful night. 

Pogba invited her to watch Manchester United play, and she obliged. They exchanged numbers before Pogba returned to Manchester. Their relationship grew stronger, and they decided to get engaged at one point. 

Maria could only move to Manchester after she had modelling commitments in Miami. She packed up her bags for Manchester in 2018. Maria flew to Russia to see her would-be husband win the World Cup with France. 

Maria Zulay Salaues Social Media 

Maria Zulay Salaues has over 800 thousand followers on Instagram, sharing only a few promotional posts. Most of the time, she posts about her regular life. Maria doesn’t share photos of her children frequently, but Pogba is regularly seen in her photos and videos. 

Final Words 

Paul Pogba’s wife, Maria Zulay Salaues, has helped the midfielder get through his difficult Man United spell. Maria is still ambitious of a prominent modelling career, but she is unwilling to put her family in the back seat to pursue her dreams. I hope she finds the perfect balance in her personal and professional life. 

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