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Mishel Gerzig: Thibaut Courtois’s Wife

Mishel Gerzig, Thibaut Courtois Wife

There had been rumours that Kevin de Bruyne and Thibaut Courtois are not on talking terms. What drove a wedge between the Belgium national team colleagues? You might have read somewhere that Thibaut Courtois’s wife (soon-to-be) is at the heart of discontent between the two players. 

Who is Mishel Gerzig, and how did she end up in a love triangle involving two of the best footballers in the world? Is this another Wanda Nara story? Let’s learn more about Mishel, who is undoubtedly one of the hottest 50 WAGs on the planet. 

Who Is Thibaut Courtois’s Wife? 

Mishel Gerzig is about to become Thibaut Courtois’s wife in 2023. The Israeli model became engaged with Courtois in 2022. 

Gerzig was born in 1997 in Israel. Now, she is a familiar face in the Western glamour world. She landed her first modelling gig as a 13-year-old. Currently, she is represented by ITM Models (Israel) and Next Models Miami (USA). 

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Like all Israeli adults, Gerzig has also served in the Israeli military. She fondly recalls her time in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). She opened up about her IDF experiences in an interview with Menta. Gerzig revealed that she served in the naval unit and was responsible for a search and rescue ship. She seriously considered adding one more year to her service life but decided to return to modelling instead. 

Mishel Gerzig is a proud Israeli and a practising Jew. She revealed that Courtois takes part with her when she does the Kiddush blessing during the Shabat. Courtois is a Christian but likes supporting his fiance’s religious beliefs. 

Mishel Gerzig: At A Glance 

  • Birthday: 5 June 1997. 
  • Hometown: Tel Aviv, Israel. 
  • Height: 5 feet 10 inches 
  • Weight: 121 lbs 
  • Body Measurements: 33 x 25x 36.5 inches 
  • Occupation: Model
  • Net Worth: £1 million
  • Social Media: Instagram / TikTok

How Did Mishel Gerzig And Thibaut Courtois Meet? 

Mishel Gerzig and Thibaut Courtois met on Instagram in 2021. 

In an interview with Israeli lifestyle outlet La’Isha, Gerzig opened the lid on her first interaction with Courtois. The Real Madrid star commented on one of her photos with her pet dog, Milo. Soon Courtois slid into her DMs, and they exchanged numbers. Everything moved so fast that they exchanged rings in less than a year. 

Have they decided on a date and venue yet? Publicly, no. But there are rumours that they will tie the knot in the summer of 2023. The potential venue could be the La Mer Resort & Spa at Dramia in the Kavros district of Georgioupolis, Greece. 

Courtois and Gerzig attended a wedding in June 2022, only days after Courtois lifted the Champions League trophy with Real Madrid at the Stade de France. Nothing is official yet, it’s still a rumour, but it could turn out to be the actual news. 

Mishel Gerzig’s Ex: De Bruyne 

Now, it’s time to bust some myths. Many outlets wrongly accuse Mishel Gerzig of leaving ex Kevin de Bruyne for his Belgium teammate Courtois. That’s not the case. Gerzig had never dated a footballer before Courtois. So, that’s a cock and bull story. 

But Courtois had indeed slept with De Bruyne’s girlfriend. De Bruyne was dating Caroline Linjen when he was playing at Chelsea. Linjen cheated on De Bruyne as “revenge” because she claimed the midfielder had first cheated on her.

The incident took a massive emotional toll on De Bruyne. He had a forgettable spell at Chelsea before steadying the boat at Wolfsburg and eventually becoming one of the biggest Premier League stars at Manchester City. 

De Bruyne and Courtois did fall out after the incident. But sources near them say both have moved past the incident. They are not exactly the best of friends, but their sense of animosity has largely subsided. Water under the bridge! 

Mishel Gerzig And Thibaut Courtois Children

Mishel Gerzig and Thibaut Courtois did not have any children yet. 

However, Courtois does have a daughter and a son from a previous relationship. Gerzig loves them as her own children, and the children have also accepted her as their caring mother. She wants to raise her children in both Christian and Jewish ideologies. 

Mishel Gerzig’s Net Worth 

Mishel Gerzig’s net worth in 2023 is about £1 million.

Mishel Gerzig is one of the brightest stars in the Israeli modelling industry, but her fame has spread well outside the Israeli borders. She has appeared in several European magazines. In April 2022, she graced the cover of the Spanish magazine Lifestyle – La Razón. Gerzig also walked the ramp in some prominent fashion shows. 

Social Media 

Mishel Gerzig met the love of her life on social media, so you can imagine that she is a big fan of social media. She has more than 700 thousand followers on Instagram. Gerzig recently joined TikTok and garnered over a million likes and 111 thousand followers.

Final Words 

Mishel Gerzig is soon going to become Thibaut Courtois’s wife. Courtois loves her cultural and religious identity, so we can expect them to have a happy and prolonged married life. Gerzig has also accepted Courtois’s children and has been raising them as her own. If that’s different from how a happy family looks, we don’t know what does! 

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