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Noemie Happart: Yannick Carrasco’s Wife

Noemie Happart - Yannick Carrasco's wife and Wag

Yannick Carrasco stunned the world when he left Atletico Madrid for China in his mid-twenties. It was deemed as a career suicide at that time, but perhaps Yannasco thought the company of his beautiful wife and money were all he needed to have a happy life. Who is Yannic Carrasco’s wife, you asked? It’s former Miss Belgium, Noemi Happert. Undoubtedly, she would make it to the top 50 Football WAGs list

Who Is Yannick Carrasco’s Wife? 

Noemie Happart is Yannick Carrasco’s wife. She got married to Carrasco in June 2017. 

Noemie Happart is a former Miss Universe contestant. That means she has had the honour of wearing the Miss Belgium crown. She won the national beauty pageant in 2013. Happart was born in Liege on June 1, 1993. She also grew up in Eastern Belgium city and completed her graduation in psychology at the University of Liege. 

Happart also holds a post-graduate degree in marketing. She was a handball player and a dancer during her university years. But she took up modelling as her profession later on. Winning Miss Belgium made it easier for her to make that career decision. 

Noemie Happart: At A Glance 

  • Birthday: June 1, 1993. 
  • Hometown: Liege, Belgium. 
  • Occupation: Model 
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches 
  • Weight: 121 lbs 
  • Body Measurements: 33-25-34 inches 
  • Net Worth: £450,000
  • Social Media: Instagram

How Did Noemie Happart And Yannick Carrasco Meet? 

Noemie Happart and Yannick Carrasco met at a bar in Liege in 2015. 

Fun fact, none of them knew who they were when they met the first time. Carrasco was playing for Standard Liege at that time. Happart was more prominent in her career as she was named Miss Belgium only two years before. They learned about each other’s professions in their fifth meeting. 

Noemie Happart told Belgian magazine’’Story’’ that she was having second thoughts about going into a relationship with a footballer. Carrasco was early into his career, so she was not sure that Carrasco was looking for a serious commitment. But the Belgium international won her over with his charm and exchanged rings with her two years down the road. 

Noemie Happart And Yannick Carrasco Wedding 

Even though the story of their journey started in Liege, the couple decided to throw the wedding party at La Hulpe, a municipality near Brussels. RTL Sports reports that the wedding ceremony cost no less than half a million euros. However, they exchanged their vows at the town hall of Grace-Hollogne, which is not far from Liege. Around 400 guests, including many of Carrasco’s Belgium national team colleagues, were in attendance. 

Noemie Happart Net Worth 

Noemie Happart has a net worth of £450,000. 

Noemie Happart did not progress in her career following her Miss World and Miss Universe campaigns. She did some big modelling jobs but could not build a supermodel profile. Happart had Miss Belgium fame and a celebrity husband, which sounds like the ultimate recipe for a successful modelling career. While she enjoyed sporadic success, it can’t be said that she has fulfilled her potential. 

Do Noemi Happart And Yannick Carrasco Have Children? 

Noemi Happart and Yannick Carrasco are expecting their first child together in 2023. 

Eight years after falling in love with each other, Yannick Carrasco and Noemi Happart are about to expand their family for the first time. In May, the couple announced on Instagram that they were expecting their first child. 

Noemi Happart Social Media 

Noemie Happart has an instagram account, where she has more than 70 thousand followers. The size of her follower base pales in comparison to her modelling peers. She mostly posts about her family life. Some occasional glamour shots also pop up in her profile occasionally. 

Final Words 

Noemie Happart caught the eye of the football world in the 2016 Champions League final when Carrasco gave Atletico Madrid the lead against Real Madrid and ran to the stands, where his would-be wife was sitting. The camera caught the couple sharing a kiss. Unfortunately, at the end of the match, Atletico had to suffer an agonising defeat. 

But, Noemie Happart did not leave her husband’s side. In 2020, a brief rumour was going around that Happart is no longer Yannick Carrasco’s wife as the couple filed for divorce. But, it did not take long for the world to know that those rumours were baseless. 

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