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Oriana Sabatini: Paulo Dybala’s Girlfriend

Paulo Dybala and girlfriend Oriana Sabatini

Argentina international and Roma star Paulo Dybala is one of the most admired forwards in Europe. Apart from having a great career, the Argentinian is also blessed in his dating life. Dybala dates the gorgeous Oriana Sabatini, who is known as the “Argentinian Madonna” for her irresistible sex appeal. 

Who Is Paulo Dybala’s Girlfriend?

Oriana Sabatini is Paulo Dybala’s girlfriend. They have been seeing each other since 2017. 

Back in 2017, many tabloids reported that Oriana and Paulo were dating. Music brought the model and the football player together: they met on Ariana Grande’s show. They only announced their romance after the 2018 World Championship in Russia. Afterwards, they took their relationship to the next level by meeting each other’s parents. Then they started living together in Turin at Dybala’s house.

Who Is Paulo Dybala’s Wife? 

Paulo Dybala and Oriana Sabatini are yet to pledge lifetime commitment to each other. None of them was married earlier. It will be their first marriage if they walk down the aisle together. 

Who Is Oriana Sabatini?

Paulo Dybala’s Girlfriend - Oriana Sabatini

As a child, before she made any decisions, Oriana could have gone into business or show business. A young girl whose mom was always in the news didn’t have to think hard about what to do. 

Oriana Sabatini started modelling when she was 13. In 2011, she acted in her first TV show role. At the end of 2012, Sabatini was asked to join the casting for Cris Morena’s company as a producer. There, she played Azul Medina in the Aliados TV series. For playing this part, Oriana won a Revelation award at the Kids’ Choice Awards Argentina in 2013.

Sabatini was a guest on El club del hit in 2014 with Jenny Martinez and Mariel Percossi, her co-stars on the show. In the second season, which started that same year, she played Azul. She also debuted at the Teatro Gran Rex in a play based on the show.

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Oriana became an ambassador for L’Oréal in 2017 and appeared in an advertisement for Casting Creme Gloss. She gave singing a try in April of the same year. She released her first single in April of that year, “Love Me Down Easy.” This was the start of her singing career. Lo Que Tienes is her most recent work; you can watch it on her YouTube channel. So far, everything she has done has turned out well.

Sabatini was a backup singer on Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman Tour. She sang Grande’s first single, “Love Me Down Easy,” as well as two new songs, “Stay or Run” and “What U Gonna Do.” As we can see, Oriana Sabatini’s career has gone very far.

Oriana Sabatini went on to play more roles on TV before making her big-screen debut as Alina Zambrano in the 2018 movie Perdida. 

Oriana Sabatini and Julian Serrano

Paulo Dybala is not the first celebrity boyfriend Oriana Sabatini had. She used to date famous Argentinian YouTuber Julian Serrano. They did some work together and put out a couple of videos together. She broke up with him in June 2017, and a year later, she started dating Dybala.

Oriana Sabatini Early Life 

On April 19, 1996, Oriana Sabatini was born in the Argentinian capital of Buenos Aires. 

Osvaldo Sabatini, her father, is a well-known actor and businessman, and Catherine Fulop, her mother, is a famous Venezuelan actress. Gabriela Sabatini, Oriana’s aunt, was a famous pro tennis player. In 1985, she won the U.S. Open. She is also a Wimbledon runner-up. 

Since she was a child, Oriana did what her parents did; she chose to do something creative. Oriana studied and took singing, piano, and theatre classes. Oriana went to Julio Chavez’s acting school and graduated. She went to New York Film Academy as well. 

Oriana Sabatini Body Measurement 

Oriana Sabatini bikini pictures

Oriana Sabatini is 5 feet 9 inches tall, weighs 65 kg, and has body measurements of 31 inches, 23 inches, and 35 inches.

Is Oriana Sabatini Bi Sexual?

Oriana Sabatini came out as a bi-sexual woman in 2021. 

Oriana is a girl who believes in order with all her heart. She revealed in an interview in 2021 that she is bisexual. Even though that might make things more interesting for Paulo, there’s no reason to think she doesn’t want to be with him in the long run. The Argentine ace obviously believes in marriage and wants to get married before having a child. He loves following the norms of society. So. he’s much more old-fashioned than we thought.

Final Words 

Oriana Sabatini is an adventurous woman who refuses to rule out the possibility of dating another in the future. Apart from her eccentric lifestyle choices, she has built a successful career and bagged one of the world’s biggest football stars. Who would not love to be in her shoes?

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