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Polly Parsons: Thomas Vermaelen’s Wife

Thomas Vermaelen with wife, Polly Parsons and their children on their wedding day

Polly Parsons is a famous swimwear and lingerie model. She is also the wife of Thomas Vermaelen, the former Arsenal captain. The Belgian beauty fell in love with the former Belgium international in 2012; she tied the knot with him five years later. Polly Parsons deserves to be in the same ranks as the hottest wags on the planet. 

Who Is Thomas Vermaelen’s Wife?

Polly Parsons is Thomas Vermaelen’s wife. The Belgian defender married her in 2017.

In 2012, Thomas Vermaelen met her future wife at a party hosted by his Arsenal teammate Robin van Persie. At the time, the Belgian was a member of Arsenal. Polly believed in her partner’s potential and knew they were capable of great things. She encouraged her spouse at every turn of his professional life.

After seeing each other for five years, the couple married in 2017. All of Vermaelen’s teammates, as well as his family and friends, were there for the extravagant wedding ceremony in Rome, Italy. Vermaelen and Polly’s children were also present to witness the special day of their parents. Vermaelen is an extremely fortunate man because he was able to marry his long-term girlfriend.

They’ve been together ever since, and we think their relationship will last forever. They barely have any disputes between them because each person has such high regard for the other’s judgment. As a result of being parents, they have strengthened their bond.

Polly Parsons Model (career) 

Polly Parsons model career and picture

Polly is well known for her work as a TV host, but she is also a renowned model. Her first notable TV anchor was in Fun Song Factory, where she cohosted beside Laura Hamilton.

She appeared in Don’t Get Screwed. Polly also played the roles of Crystal and Becky in Disastrous and Meet The Parents, respectively. 

In 2012, however, she became famous for hosting the show The Real Hustle.

The stunning woman defeated Sami Khedira’s girlfriend, Lena Gercke, to win FHM’s 2014 Queen Wag title.

Polly Parsons At A Glance 

  • Birthday: 15/02/1984
  • Hometown: Bristol, UK.
  • Body Measurements: 35-26-35
  • Weight: 119 lbs
  • Occupation: Model, TV Personality
  • Net Worth: £3 million

Polly Parsons Early Life 

Polly Parsons was born on February 15, 1984, in Bristol, England, making her one of the most beautiful English Football WAGs. The details of her personal life are kept under tight wraps. For identical reasons, she has kept mum about her parents. At this time, we don’t know what they do for a living or how they brought up Polly.

We also could not learn if she had any other known living relatives. We continue to hunt for her relatives and will revise the article accordingly. Tom Vermaelen’s wife is still a mystery, but we’ll have more info soon.

We do know more about her academic life, however. Polly spent her high school years in Bristol. The first school she attended was Sacred Heart Convent Primary, and then she transferred to Redland High School for Girls. She attended Elmhurst School for Dance in Camberley, receiving her Diploma in Performing Arts and A-Levels in Art, Drama, and Dance.

Polly Parsons And Thomas Vermaelen’s Children

Polly Parsons and Thomas Vermaelen are proud parents of two children. Their sons, Ace and Raff Vermaelen, were born before exchanging their vows as man and wife. So, both of them were fortunate to witness the special day of their parents. 

Polly Parsons’s Net Worth

Polly Parsons has a net worth of £3 million in 2023. 

Her successful television and film career earnings account for the bulk of Polly Parsons’ £3 million estimated net worth. She has accumulated quite a fortune, enabling her to taste life’s luxuries. 

Thomas Vermaelen’s £16 million net worth comes mostly from endorsement deals and salaries. Reportedly, he made £3,000,000 per year with the Japanese club Vissel Kobe towards the end of his career. However, we take the news with a pinch of salt. Regardless, the couple now has enough money to satisfy all of their demands and needs.

Social Media 

The internet loves Polly. Her success in television led to a surge in her Instagram followers. As news of her relationship with Vermaelen spread, more people started paying attention to her life. She currently utilizes the medium to show her relatives the pictures she takes. Polly has more than 29 thousand followers on Instagram. 


Polly Parsons was already a successful woman before meeting her husband. The duo got married after Vermaelen had a difficult season at Roma. The two have supported each other through thick and thin. Therefore, we believe Thomas Vermaelen and Polly Parsons will get to share the rest of their lives together. 

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