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Scarlett Gartmann: Marco Reus’s Wife

Marco Reus and wife Scarlett Gartmann

Marco Reus will go down in history as one of the unluckiest players. He missed three major tournaments for Germany through injury and saw his team lose the Champions League final in 2013. But, he will feel Lady Luck has treated him better regarding his love life. Marco Reus’s wife, Scarlett Gartmann, has been supporting the Borussia Dortmund star ever since they started dating. Let’s find out more about Mrs. Scarlett Reus and see how she ranks among the hottest football wags

Who Is Marco Reus’s Wife?

Marco Reus is married to Scarlett Gartmann. They have been married since 2019. 

Shortly before Christmas 2019, Marco Reus and Scarlett Reus made their relationship permanent by tying the knot. However, the BVB star’s wedding did not take place in Dortmund.

The “Bild” reports that there was no religious ceremony and merely a civil one. 

The wedding apparently took place in Düsseldorf rather than Dortmund, as reported by the website “Ruhr24.” They two are said to have exchanged their vows in the posh restaurant “Ladü”, a popular spot for private wedding ceremonies. However, the couple has not commented on these rumours.

It seems that the “Ladü” was indeed the location of the wedding photo shared by Reus on social media. The wedding photographer posted many photographs of the flower-decorated venue on her Instagram account. 

Scarlett Gartmann: At A Glance 

  • Birthday: October 24, 1993.
  • Hometown: Hagen, Germany. 
  • Occupation: Model, Equestrian. 
  • Height: 5 feet 5 inches 
  • Weight: 117 lbs
  • Body Measurement: 31-24-34 inches 
  • Net Worth: £2 million
  • Social Media: Instagram / Twitter / Facebook / Tiktok / Youtube

Who Is Scarlett Gartmann (Reus)? 

Football wag Scarlett Gartmann (Marco Reus's wife)

Scarlett came from a very privileged background.

Ralph Gartmann, her father, co-founded a Brothel on Düppenbecker Strasse. Scarlett lost him when she was only seven years old. After that, she spent her childhood years in the care of Christine Hartmann, her mother, and her grandmother. 

It can be challenging for a girl to grow up without her father, but Scarlett’s mother gave her the encouragement and resources she needed to succeed.

During her school years, Scarlett attended Hagen Road Elementary. As it turned out, her interests lay elsewhere than in the realm of academia. She fell in love with modelling. 

Scarlett Gartmann, who has always had a passion for horses and riding, is now working as both a fashion model and an equestrian. Scarlett uses her YouTube account to instruct her fans in various forms of exercise.

More than 8800 people are currently subscribed to Scarlett’s channel on YouTube. She makes horse riding and workout videos and shares her random thoughts on some vlogs.

Marco Reus And Scarlett Gartmann Children 

Marco Reus and Scarlett Gartmann have a together. 

The couple did not disclose the name of their daughter to the media. She does appear in some family photos, but her face is never shown. The Reus family is determined to give their daughter an everyday life outside the limelight. We should respect their privacy. 

Scarlett Gartmann’s Net Worth 

Scarlett Reus - Marco Reus's wife

Scarlett Gartmann has a net worth of £2 million in 2022. 

She comes from money. Her father has left behind a sizable wealth for her. Scarlett also earns well from her modelling career. She is contracted with the Munich-based modelling agency “Most Wanted Models”.  

Scarlett has represented reputed brands like Drykorn and Hyundai. She is also a YouTuber but has yet to establish a revenue-generating YouTube career. 

Scarlett Gartmann Social Media 

Scarlett Gartmann loves being on social media. She has Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok profiles. She has a strong presence on YouTube as well. But her favourite platform is Instagram. 

Final Words 

Scarlett Gartmann filled the void in Marco Reus’s life when the Borussia Dortmund ace broke up with his ex-girlfriend. They took their time to know each other and consolidated their love with a child and marriage. We hope to see them together for the remainder of their lives.

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