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Sethanie Taing: Julian Draxler’s Girlfriend

Julian Draxler with girlfirend Sethanie Taing

In this article, we delve deeper into Sethanie Taing’s life and accomplishments, revealing the factors that make her a captivating figure both within and outside the world of football WAGs. 

We shed light on the woman who is the German footballer Julian Draxler’s girlfriend, and how she stole his heart and became an inspiring role model for many, from her multicultural background and successful modelling and dance career to her philanthropic endeavours.

Join us as we explore Sethanie Taing’s world, celebrating her unique journey and examining her life as a top footballer and how they came to meet. 

Who Is Julian Draxler’s Girlfriend (GF)?

While Draxler’s talent on the pitch has earned him a well-deserved reputation as one of Europe’s best, Julian Draxler’s girlfriend, Sethanie Taing, brings her own distinct personality and background to their high-profile relationship. 

Taing is more than just a WAG. She has a fascinating personality and a remarkable journey that resonates with people outside the football world.

Lena Stiffel – Julian Draxlers’s Previous Partner

Before Sethanie, Julian Draxler’s girlfriend Lena was his childhood sweetheart of many years to whom he was engaged.  

In Germany, they were the most well-known couple. Lena rose to fame in the public eye after Julian brought her out in the crowd holding her hand following Argentina’s World Cup victory in 2014.

After that, Lena Stiffel often cheered on Julian at football matches. Everything was fine, and the couple were frequently seen vacationing together until Julian was caught kissing Munich model Linda Vaterl in Ibiza in 2017.

Following the news, supporters rallied around Lena, urging her to leave him to find someone more deserving than Julian. She even forgave him for his actions, but their relationship issues surfaced quickly. 

They were even engaged but divorced before they could marry.

Sethanie Taing At A Glance

  • Name: Sethanie Taing
  • Date of birth: 2 September 1988
  • Place of birth: Paris
  • Nationality: French
  • Occupation: Professional Dancer
  • Spouse: Julian Draxler gf
  • Children: Son (Name undisclosed)
  • Height: 5ft 0in (152cm)
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Eye Colour: Brown

Where Is Sethanie Taing From?

Sethanie Taing (Julian Draxler's girlfriend)

Sethanie Taing, born and raised in a multicultural family, represents the vibrant tapestry of diversity that characterises the modern world. Her Cambodian and French ancestors have undoubtedly influenced her worldview and enriched her experiences. Sethanie was born in Paris, France, and holds a French passport and nationality.

Taing has embraced her diverse background and used it as a foundation to navigate her own life path, with a beautiful blend of Eastern and Western influences.

Sethanie Taing is an accomplished individual in her own right, having carved out a successful career as an influencer and dance choreographer. 

Taing has captivated the fashion world and has a dedicated following on social media platforms with her striking looks, innate style, and charismatic presence.

Sethanie Taing’s Career

Sethanie is an accomplished dancer. She has collaborated with several industry experts, including Matt Pokora. She has also staged large-scale productions throughout Europe. 

She has also appeared on The Voice of France with Pokora, showcasing herself as a lively dancer with various amazing moves. Some of her performances are available on her Instagram page and YouTube. 

Sethanie is also a professional choreographer. After gaining initial fame, she realised she had progressed to the point where she could teach other dance enthusiasts. 

She employs her imagination to devise dance moves that have gone on to achieve success on the scene.

Where Did Sethanie Taing And Julian Draxler Meet?

Julian Draxler met Sethanie Taing, his gf, through Marco Verratti’s fiancee, Jessica Aidi. Sethanie and Jessica have been best friends for a long time. 

Draxler was experiencing heartbreak at the time, having recently been divorced from his previous partner, Lena Stiffel, with whom he had a long-term relationship previously.

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However, after meeting Sethanie, he found it easy to move on. They began dating each other only after their first meeting. 

However, they managed to keep their relationship out of the public eye for a long time. They made their relationship public on Christmas Eve, 2019.

Sethanie Taing’s Social Media

Upon looking over Taing’s social media pages, it’s quite apparent she has a strong following, with her Instagram followers at 116k. The majority of her posts revolve around her dancing performances, with many pictures of her and her choreography team together. 

Also, a few posts of her pre and post-pregnancy. It’s noticeable that they like to keep a relatively private life, with no mention of their son’s name and image of his face covered with emojis, not to reveal his facial identity on every IG post.  

Sethanie’s Instagram seems to be where she has more fan-base followers, with her posts narrated towards her family, relationship, and modelling images. However, her posts and profile description on Facebook isn’t that up-to-date, with pictures of the time she enjoyed her single life, actively going out with her friends.

Where Does Sethanie Thaing Live?

Information about where Sethanie and Julian live is confidential on the Internet, with no real mention online. We imagine they reside in Paris, as this is where Julian still holds his football contract with PSG and Sethanies hometown is Paris.

In 2022, Draxler went on loan to Portuguese giants Benfica. So the family of three may have made a move together to Lisbon and rented a villa or condo there until his loan finishes with the club.


In this article, we explore Sethanie Taing’s life and accomplishments as Julian Draxler’s girlfriend. We highlight her multicultural background, successful modelling and dance career, and philanthropic endeavours. 

Sethanie is more than just a WAG, bringing her unique personality and experiences to their relationship. 

She has captivated the fashion world, collaborated with industry experts, and gained a strong following on social media. Sethanie and Julian met through mutual connections and have maintained a relatively private life. While details about their current residence are not publicly available, they likely reside in Paris. 

Overall, Sethanie Taing’s journey and contributions make her an inspiring figure and role model.

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