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Sofia Weber: Kai Havertz’s Girlfriend

Kai Havertz & girlfriend Sofia Weber

Kai Havertz immortalised himself in Chelsea folklore by scoring the winning goal in the 2021 Champions League final against Manchester City. Who inspires the German ace behind the scenes? Kai Havertz’s beautiful girlfriend, Sofia Weber, of course.

Who is Sophia Weber? Today, we will shift the limelight to the stunning German model instead of her world-famous boyfriend. 

Who is Kai Havertz GF? 

Sophia Weber is Kai Havertz’s girlfriend. They have known each other since childhood. 

Kai Havertz has been with the beautiful Sofia Weber for quite some time while the pair Kai have known each other for a very long time. Kai and Sofia were best friends, and their friendship turned into love over time.

Their relationship has been up and down, but Sofia has always been stuck by her man. Now, they both live in London together.

They grew up in the same neighbourhood. Since they were kids, they have been the best of friends. When Kai Havertz was in Germany, he and this lovely woman used to live together. Kai seems to have had only one girlfriend, and that was Sophia. Since 2018, Havertz and Weber have been romantically involved. Their relationship has been up and down, but Sofia has always been stuck by her man. Now, they both live in London together.

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Sophia Weber has been in many of Kai Havertz’s social media posts, and the two of them are one of the best couples, with a close relationship and some privacy away from the paparazzi. In 2021, they dressed up as Harry Potter characters on Halloween and were seen dancing together in a nightclub in Koln, Germany.

Kai Havertz’s Children 

Kai Havertz and Sophia Weber did not have any children yet. But they are co-parents of two St. Bernard dogs.

Who Is Sophia Weber

Kai Havertz and girlfriend Sophie Weber

Sophia Weber comes from Aachen, a city that lies in the western parts of Germany. In fact, it’s the westernmost city in the country. Weber was born in 1999. That’s all the public information available about her early life. She must have graduated from a local institution there, but we don’t know actually which one.

Sophia Weber is an emerging German model. She doesn’t have an impressive portfolio to show yet. Sophia walks on the ramps often but not in mainstream fashion events like the London Fashion Week or Paris Fashion Week. 

Sophia Weber Body Measurements 

She has a five feet and six inches tall body structure. Thanks to her regular workout regime, she has a lean body. Sophia Weber weighs only 68 kg. The German beauty loves wearing bikinis, and she definitely has the body for it. You can find many bikini-clad photos of her online. 

Social Media

Sophie Weber is only active on Instagram. She has more than 300+ thousand followers there. She doesn’t frequently post, however. Most of her posts are travel and matchday photos. You can also find the couple’s beautiful pair of dogs there. Her minimal Instagram activity indicates that she is not entirely focusing on her professional life at the moment. 

Final Words 

Sophia Weber is a woman shrouded in mystery. She doesn’t like to talk much about her personal life, but we know she has been Kai Havertz’s friend since childhood. In 2018, they decided to become more than friends. She is mainly focused on her personal life, which leads us to believe she and Kai Havertz might get married soon. 

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