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Vjosa Kaba: Shkodran Mustafi’s Wife

Vjosa Kaba - Shkodran Mustafi's Wife

Shkodran Mustafi has been through somewhat of a mid-career crisis. He has lost his place in the German national team, became one of the most memed players in the Premier League for his ridiculous defending errors while playing for Arsenal, and had to settle for Spanish second-tier football later on at Levante. Despite his career downturn, the German defender is blessed to have a beautiful woman in her personal life. Today, we will talk about Vjosa Kaba, one of the hottest football WAGs you will come across in modern football. 

Who Is Shkodran Mustafi’s Wife? 

Vjosa Kaba is Shkodran Mustafi’s wife. The couple pledged to share the remainder of their lives in 2016. 

Shkodran Mustafi and Vjosa Kaba did not have a pompous ceremony. They married in a private event after Mustafi penned a lucrative deal to leave Valencia for Premier League giants Arsenal in 2016. They had met each other only a year ago at a party in Valencia. No photos of their special day were shared publicly. Only 350 guests attended the wedding ceremony held in the scenic setting of a Lake Ohrid hotel. 

Rumour has it that Mustafi proposed to Vjosa in his native village of Gostivar, which lies on the northern shores of Macedonia.

Shkodran Mustafi and wife Vjosa Kaba

Vjosa Kaba comes from a humble background. She was born in Albania before her parents moved to Switzerland. Vjosa Kaba was only two years old when they relocated to Zurich. Vjosa and her brother Christian grew up in the Swiss capital and attended the International School Zurich North. After graduating high school, Vjosa Kaba participated at the University of Zurich and acquired a bachelor’s degree in marketing. 

Kaba entered the modelling industry at an early age, and at the age of 19, she was named the most attractive Swiss woman in 2007. 

After moving to London, Kaba started to work as a real estate agent besides her modelling endeavours. She still works in the real estate industry of Valencia. 

Vjosa Kaba At A Glance

  • Birthday: March 18, 1988. 
  • Birthplace: Albania. 
  • Body Measurement: 34-26-34
  • Weight: 131 lbs
  • Net Worth: £550,000
  • Occupation: Real Estate, Ex-Model
  • Social Media: Instagram

Vjosa Kaba’s Net Worth 

Vjosa Kaba personally has a net worth of £550,000. 

Vjosa works as an estate agent in Levante, Spain. After marrying Mustafi, the beautiful Albanian decided to give up her job as a model. We can’t say that this decision has paid off in spades, but she seems happy with her professional life.

Before entering the real estate business, Vjosa worked as a professional model. Even in college, she pursued her interest in modelling. She had a massive leg up thanks to her toned physique. She entered and won several fashion contests. Later, she realised that modelling wasn’t really her thing, so she switched careers.

Kaba enjoys a luxurious lifestyle, but she is definitely not the primary breadwinner in the family. Her husband is not making top dollar right now, but he was on a multi-million-pound contract during his Arsenal career. Mustafi has a £17 million net worth at the moment. Swapping bikinis for house keys did not lead to a significant pay rise for Kaba, but she doesn’t seem to complain. 

Vjosa Kaba and Shkodran Mustafi’s Children

Vjosa Kaba has a son and a daughter with Shkodran Mustafi. 

Vjosa Kaba and Shkodran Mustafi became parents the old-fashioned way. They waited till their marriage to welcome their first child. On July 19, 2017, the arrival of Noemi Mustafi made them parents for the first time. A year later, Amar Mustafi, the couple’s first and only son till now, was born. 

Social Media 

Vjosa Kaba has a sizable fan following on Instagram. However, she doesn’t have any photos from her modelling days there. Kaba only posts about her life and family. She currently has more than 37 thousand followers on Instagram. 

Final Words 

Vjosa Kaba has said goodbye to modelling, but she is still working hard to retain her sexy figure. Shkodran Mustafi is lucky to have a bombshell of a wife in Vjosa Kaba. 

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