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Anna Lewandowska’s Net Worth 2023

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Anna Lewandowska is more than Robert Lewandowski’s wife and typical football wag. Her career achievements match the height of her husband’s professional accomplishments. We have talked about Anna Lewandowska’s personal life before. Now, let’s have a peek at her incredible professional career. 

Anna Lewandowska’s Net Worth 

Anna Lewandowska has a net worth of £13 million. 

Anna Lewandowska mainly earns from her sponsorship deals, fitness training practice and book royalty. In 2014, she published Żyj zdrowo i aktywnie z Anną Lewandowską (Lead a Healthy and Active Life with Anna Lewandowska. The book was a huge success in Poland. She also has a successful blog. 

Anna Lewandowska offers subscription programmes for clients who intend to get themselves in shape. Health Plan By Ann, Anna’s famous fitness blog, has iOS and Android mobile apps, generating a sizable income. Anna reportedly charges more than £15,000 for a promotional post on her Instagram account, which has more than 4.5 million followers. 

Some sources claim that Anna makes significant money through YouTube ad revenues, but that’s false. Her YouTube channel currently has more than 60,000 subscribers, according to YouTubers. She made less than $100 on ad revenues in October 2022. That said, she does make money through YouTube collaborations. 

Anna Lewandowska Sporting Career 

Anna began her Karate education at a young age and has never stopped. In 2008, she finally broke through and earned her first medal. Since then, this young lady has had quite an adventure. She was in a committed relationship, went to school, and played a competitive sport.

Anna Lewandowska was a prominent member of the Pruszkow Karate Club. She left the club in 2017 when she became pregnant with her first daughter Klara. Anna retired with 29 Polish Championships and three World Championships at the senior level. She also won six European Championship medals at various age levels.

She took over as head of the Polish Special Olympiads in 2016, an organisation that uses sports to help the mentally disabled and bring attention to the difficulties they face in society. 

Anna Lewandowska: Nutritionist and Martial Artist

As a professional martial artist and physical education student, Anna Lewandowska has always known the value of a healthy diet. She was already employed as a fitness trainer when she decided to take her career to the next level by launching a fitness blog under the moniker Healthy Plan by Ann. Indeed, this was also the beginning of her business career.

At this point, it should be evident that the lady is a health and nutrition enthusiast. She has moved into new businesses, such as the diet catering service Super Menu by Anna and the wellness centre Healthy Center by Ann, where she employs top nutrition, psychology, and physical fitness experts. She is a fitness and nutrition consultant who strongly desires to see her clients succeed. Anna and her spouse also pursue their other business activities.

Anna Lewandowska’s Cosmetics 

In 2019, Anna Lewandowska launched Phlov, her vegan skincare line. The brand has enjoyed great success in Poland and other European markets. On the third birthday of the brand, Ana Lewandowska revealed the three particular Phlov she uses herself regularly; the Phlov Diamond Look Cream, All You Need Is Lash Eyelash Conditioner, and Regenerating 2-in-1 Lip Serums.

Final Words 

Anna Lewandowska is a woman of many talents. She effortlessly her hectic professional life with her personal life. Therefore, she inspires many modern women who want to be successful in their careers but not at the expense of their family lives. 

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