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Georgina Rodriguez’s Net Worth 2023

Georgina Rodriguez’s Net Worth article

Georgina Rodriguez’s personal brand has expanded so much in recent years that she is no longer known only as Cristiano Ronaldo’s better half. She is now the face of many luxury brands across Europe. She has amassed a sizable net worth of her own. How much money does Georgina Rodriguez make? What is Georgina Rodriguez’s net worth? We took a look into her finances and professional career. 

What Is Georgina Rodriguez’s Net Worth? 

Georgina Rodriguez’s net worth in 2023 is around £10 million. 

In Madrid, where she first met Cristiano Ronaldo, Gio got her start as a Gucci shop assistant.

Georgina’s association with Christiano Ronaldo, a professional footballer who has accumulated enormous net worth from his successful career playing for elite European clubs, including Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus, is the primary source of her riches.

Georgina has amassed an impressive 36 million Instagram followers, making her a social media celebrity in her own right. Gio has taken advantage of her famous profile to make money in the fashion sector, a field she is pretty knowledgeable.

She has sponsored online fashion merchants Boohoo and Shein and major labels like Gucci.

Her writing for publications like Glamour, Grazia, and Women’s Health has also contributed to her financial success.

According to reports, Netflix spent between $500k and $1 million to acquire the docuseries “I am Georgina.”

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Early Career 

Georgina Rodriguez net worth

Georgina Rodriguez started her working life as a waitress in Huesca. As a child, she wanted to become a dancer, but she reset her life goals after realising her parents could not pay for a dance school. Georgina set her sights on getting a job in the fashion industry. 

She first started working as a waitress in a cafe in Huesca. Georgina would move to San Sebastian a few months later and get employed by Massimo Dutti. It differed from the high-end fashion brand Georgina hoped to get in, but it proved a significant first step. 

As she started dealing with clients, Georgina realised she needed to become more proficient in English to communicate with customers better. So, she started taking English lessons, and when she turned 17, she moved to Bristol. After moving to the UK, she began working as a nanny. 

In 2016, her dream came true as she interviewed for a job in a Gucci outlet in Madrid and got the job. Rodriquez was convinced that the job would change her life. It sure did, but not in the way she had envisioned. 

Cristiano Ronaldo dropped by one night to do some shopping, and he was instantly mesmerised by Georgina’s unparalleled beauty. Ronaldo visited the store more often, and the duo often met outside.

Ironically, Georgina’s relationship with Ronaldo caused the store to fire her from the job. As Ronaldo frequented the outlet to pick up Georgina, fans would gather in front of the store, which could be better for the high-end clientele of Gucci. So, the store manager relieved Georgina from her duties in December 2016, only eight months after joining. However, her life was already changed.

Georgina Rodriguez Modelling Career

Dating Cristiano Ronaldo brought Georgina Rodriguez into the limelight, and she made the most of the situation by becoming a model. Her incredible exposure from dating Ronaldo and stunning beauty made her irresistible to advertisers. In 2021, Daily Mirror reported Georgina Rodriguez could make as much as £860,448 from a single sponsored Instagram content. She has more than 39 million followers on Instagram. 

Clothing Line 

In 2021, Georgina Rodriguez announced to her Instagram followers that she was launching her clothing line “OM by G.” She posted a photo of her wearing nude-coloured tracksuits and holding an orange bag in front of a picturesque view of Turin. 

Final Words 

Like Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez has also experienced a rags-to-riches rise. She has a successful modelling career and is now getting into business ventures to take her brand to the next step.

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