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Effective Date: 01.04.2023

1. Introduction and Agreement

Welcome to FootballWAGs! By accessing and using our website (https://footballwags.co.uk), you indicate your acceptance of these Terms of Use. It’s essential to review and understand these terms before proceeding. If you do not agree with these terms, please refrain from using our website.

2. Use of Content

The content presented on our website serves general informational purposes. It is not intended to be professional advice and should not be relied upon as such. We make no warranties regarding the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information provided on the site.

3. Protected Content

Copyright and other intellectual property laws protect all content available on this website, including text, graphics, images, logos, and more. Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, modification, or creation of derivative works based on our content is strictly prohibited without our explicit permission.

4. User Contributions

You have the opportunity to contribute comments or other content to our website. By submitting content, you grant us a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, and worldwide license to use, reproduce, modify, and distribute your contributed content. We appreciate your contributions and respect your rights.

5. Limitation of Liability

While we strive to provide accurate and reliable information, we are not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or special damages that may arise from using or being unable to use our website. Even if we’ve been advised of potential damages, your use of the website is at your own risk.

6. Changes to Terms

We reserve the right to update these Terms of Use at any time. Following any changes, your continued use of our website implies your agreement to the revised terms. We recommend periodically reviewing the terms to stay informed.

7. Disclaimer

The information provided on FootballWAGs (https://footballwags.co.uk) serves a general informational purpose and should not be construed as professional advice. While we take utmost care to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information presented, we provide no representations or warranties, whether express or implied, concerning the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability, or availability of the information.

Your reliance on the information provided on our website is entirely at your discretion, and you acknowledge that any decisions made based on this information are done so at your own risk. We shall not be held liable for any errors or omissions in the content nor for any losses, injuries, or damages that may arise from the use of the information.

It’s important to note that the content on FootballWAGs is not a substitute for professional advice. We strongly advise seeking guidance from qualified professionals for any specific concerns or issues. We disclaim any responsibility for actions taken based on the content available on our website.

We value your understanding of the purpose and limitations of the information we provide. By using our website, you acknowledge and accept the terms of this disclaimer. Please contact us for further clarification if you have any questions or concerns. Your use of FootballWAGs implies your acknowledgment and adherence to this disclaimer.

8. Governing Law

Legal Framework

These Terms of Use are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom & ROW. Any disputes or legal matters related to these terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located in the United Kingdom & ROW. This provision ensures that any conflicts are resolved within the appropriate legal framework.

Thank you for choosing FootballWAGs. We value your understanding and compliance with these terms, ensuring a positive experience for all users. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us for clarification. Your use of our website signifies your acceptance and adherence to these terms.

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